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Celestial Peak (Rank 48) Status: Open

Celestial Peak has one spot open!
We are currently ranked 46th in the League. We complete all Tasks and get a few Legendary Tasks done each week.

Guild atmosphere is meant for either casual or hardcore players.
This means we have a low quota requirement at 500 seals and 100 trophies weekly + Full GW. The theme of the guild is to not treat this game like a job, but we do welcome any spontaneous hardcore efforts from our members in our guild policy.

So if you’re a serious player looking for a cool place to chill, give us a holler!

I would be interested in joining. I play daily, level 170. My ID is STRANGERSEVEN.

Invite Sent!

If you have one more spot open, my code is LINJA. Currently guild-less. :frowning:
I play daily and can contribute 200+ trophies and at least 50k gold a week. Probably more.

How many gems and key per day You can retrieve?

Guild is currently full ATM.
Sorry guys :confounded:

One Spot Open!
We now have a semi-casual contribution requirement. Please PM me if you’re interested for details.
For the most part, the guild try to maintain a casual but serious attitude. We keep the atmosphere as friendly and vocal as possible, and everyone is chilling while enjoying the game.

We have one spot open.
Current Guild Rank is 46.
Current Guild Level is 720.

Please PM me your invite code or respond below. First Come First Served!

Bumping for recruitment!

Wow, recruitment is tough lately!
Is it the time of the year of what?
Anyway, 2 spots open!

Good luck @Sidousai. Lot of hunters on global too. Including me. :smile:

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Hi. What are your weekly requirements?

500 seals/100 trophies. Ok, 500 seals. :slight_smile: We ask Lowbies to Finish all kingdoms to level 10 first, Then start donating gold to the guild as we have several heavy donators, including me. How does that sound?

I’m level 316 with all kingdoms to level 10. Typically donate 500k+, 1500 seals, 200 trophies in my current guild. Looking for guild where everyone pulls their weight and does 40k seals each week with at least 4-6 tasks completed. Is that you guys?

No. We finish 3 tasks a week, and are not awe inspiring. If you don’t hit the 500 seals, and haven’t told us a reason you are having a busy week, that is demotion. 1500 seals/500k gold is promotion for us. We regularly hit about 25-27k seals. If you get a demotion at lowest level without reason, that’s a kick. We are Casual Competetive. We will probably never get above 40th unless we get a Great mix of people. It could happen. :slight_smile:

Still looking for recruits.
Any casual/hardcore/new/veteran players welcome!

Hi I’m looking for a new guild, i’m level 441 and all my kingdoms is level 10

We have 2 spots open.
Currently guild ranking at 49.

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Looking for a new guild. Typically hit 300kG, 1000+S, 100+T, per week. I’m at level 609 and all kingdoms at 10. Would appreciate an invite: Huxley_1
Thanks very much.

One spot open! Any taker?