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[Celestial Peak] (Top 50)

Celestial Peak is recruiting!

We are a Level 145 Guild with all the Bonus Masteries at 42+ and higher.
We are currently at 26/30 members.
We are kind of a new guild with a lot of new blood members, so our current League Ranking is only at 300ish.
However, this also means that we have a lot of ground to chase after!

To attract new members, we’ve decided to host a Recruitment Drive this coming week.
As soon as we hit full roster, the entire guild will start pitching in a SUM of at least 500,000 Gold on Guild Tasks run.

This is a great chance for you to get freebie guild rewards!

Let me say this again in CAPITAL LETTERS:
+++=== FREEBIE ===+++
+++=== GUILD ===+++
+++=== REWARDS!!! ===+++

Welcome all New or Old Players of Any Levels!!! There are no requirements, strictly a First-Come-First-Serve Basis!

As guild members, our only expectation is that you contribute regularly in Gold and Trophy.
There’s no actual quota to meet. All we ask is that you contribute within the capability of your Levels and leisure.

Please leave your Invite ID here if you are interested! Again, this is First-Come-First-Serve!
We currently have 4 empty seats. If the event is looking successful we can clear about 2 more idle members.
Hope to see you in the Guild!

SNIPU is my id, ådaily player, lvl64


Looking for guild.
I normally do a couple battles a day, donate everything.

Invite Sent! Welcome!

Hi! Our event is over and we were able to get three new members during this time, but we are still recruiting!

So feel free to drop your ID here! We’re going to try to host another similar event next month!


I wanted to get my old guild up and going, but the people who used to be there aren’t active anymore. I contributed a total of 330k+ to the guild since the beginning and got it to Silver II, so it’s hard to let it go, but i believe i can be more helpful in an active guild.

You seem to have the right attitude here in the boards, so if you want to invite me, i’d be glad to join your family.


~ Meelkud ~

Invite sent!

STIX_1 level36
I’m still new to the game but getting the hang of pvp and working my way through the kingdoms

Got it! Level doesn’t matter as loing as you’re active.
Invite sent!

Our Guild is still recruiting!

In half a month’s time our guild went from Level 147 to 157!
And our PVP League Ranking raised from outside of 300 to 252 as of this post!

So if you are looking an energetic, fast-paced new guild looking to take the challenge to the top,
then Celestial Peak is the guild for you!

If you’re interested, please either drop me a private message, or simply leave your Invite ID here!

Just starting playing recently and at level 25 right now but I was able to get to rank 10 pvp pretty quickly since I joined a random guild. The guild I joined doesn’t have any member active in over 300 days though so looking for a guild with people who play regularly. My invite ID is Scarnite and I am currently unguilded.

Invite Sent, Welcome!
Right before I was logging off too! Glad I checked before I left!

BLUEDOG, lvl 140ish
edit: nvm, it took over 24 hours before this msg got through the moderators
I already got into another guild, thank god steam forums aren’t as hard moderated

Ah, sorry to have missed you then :pensive:
I usually check this regularly. Never knew the forum could delay that long.
That most delay I’ve gotten was only about 5 minutes

Celestial Peak still has one spot open! Next month we are gearing up for another Half Million drive event! Feel free to sign up early!

Celestial Peak is recruiting again!
As a Headsup, next week we will begin another Half a Million Guild task event. You know what this means again?

+++=== FREEBIE ===+++
+++=== GUILD ===+++
+++=== REWARDS!!! ===+++

Since this post was created a month ago, our guild has climbed from Level 145 to Level 164!
And our PVP League Ranking has improved from over 300 to 219!

We are an energetic and chatty guild. Best yet, there are absolutely no Level, Gold, or Trophy requirements!
Whether you are a newbie starting out or veterans looking for active guilds, Celestial Peak welcomes all!
Ranking Promotion is based on your Gold contribution, but there is no weekly quota to meet. Everything is set at your leisure!

Please either drop me a private message or leave your Invite ID here if interested. Hope to see more new faces in the guild!

I’ll be down to join if there are still spots–getting kinda bored of my 1 man guild sitting in the 1200s. Invite code: FANDANGALO


Invite sent!

We have 2 Openings available!
And starting this coming Monday, our Guild Master will start another Half-Million Gold Task Spree events over the course of the week to show appreciation for all guild members. So join early to catch the full batch of Guild Rewards!

… And don’t worry, the GM is done with all his cities, so he doesn’t need Gold for ANYTHING. He will be picking up most of the tab and is literally giving Gold away!!!

So if you’re a newbie player looking for that first bucket of Gems/Keys/Soul/Maps to start the game with, Celesital Peak is the place for you!
Or if you’re a disgruntled veteran unhappy with the stale progress of your current Guild, Celestial Peak will welcome you as well! We have a chatty Guild Log, and people often discuss strategies, lineups, and/or all sort of neat tricks/bugs discovered!

There are no required Gold/Trophy quotas to meet. Casuals welcome!

Guild Status Update:
Guild Level: 166
Mastery Bonuses: +46 or higher in all Colors
League Ranking: 210

We may be a newcomer in term of League Ranking, but our Guild Level is already on par or better with many of the Top 50 Guilds! So don’t be fooled by our seemingly mediocre ranking! We have the potential to be Awesome!