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Celestial Peak ☀ [rank 129] - 1 spot open

Looking for an active guild that doesn’t make the game a chore? Look no further! Celestial Peak (est. 2015) is the place for you :smiley:

We have very reasonable minimum requirements, that anyone active in the game can quickly reach:

  • 500k gold (more for higher guild ranks)
  • regular guild event participation

Do more than that and you can quickly climb the ranks in the guild! :slight_smile:

In return, we offer:

  • all rewards from weekly guild events
  • 40k seals every week
  • all basic tasks + epic green task + more (this includes 390 gems from blue tasks)
  • maxed out guardians for stat boosts
  • active in-game chat and discord server (optional)

To join or get more details, post here, message @mitamata or come talk to us on discord: https://discord.gg/VWqR7Tq

Bump up the jam

Friendly bump from an ex-member - lots of reasons to join these guys, none I can think of not to! Great guild with fantastic people & loads of support for those who need it :+1:t2:


Still spots open! Come join the fun :slight_smile:

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hi i m lwl 360 and i have dragon armor. do you have any slot for me? i can reach 100 trophy -500 seal-300k gold

Hi uzun! We would love to have you! Can you send me your invite code please? :slightly_smiling_face:

dr mustafa
thank you

Welcome to the guild! :smiley:

Still more spots open. Real life has been stealing our members from us recently, please don’t hesitate to send your invite code if you’re looking for a guild to call home! :slight_smile:

Spots still available if anyone is looking for a new guild! Come check out the tower of doom with us! :smiley:

Hi mitamata! I usually get 1500 seals and 200+ trophies a week at level 105 and would love to join and talk to you all. Invite code: NICOLE_2CWS

Hi Nicole! I sent you an invite. Hope to see you in game! :grinning:

Spots open again! Get in touch if you’re looking for a new home :smiley: (a pm to me or joining our discord would be fastest - https://discord.gg/VWqR7Tq)

The Tower of Doom was an interesting challenge. For an idea of what you can expect, we completed 11 out of 12 reward stages :slight_smile:

Level 200 here; I get 1500 seals and can certainly get 100 trophies weekly. Would love an invite if there is one available.


And we’re full! :slight_smile: Thanks to everyone who joined recently, hope you enjoy your new home.

We have one spot available! Any takers? :slight_smile:

Edit: Spot filled!

And we’re back to one spot available! :grin:

Hi, I’m interested if the spot is still open.

Lvl 373 with all kingdoms at lvl 10 and a regular player.

Invite code: SIRGRUMBLE_1VYM

Thanks! Sent you an invite :smiley:

2 spots open. Perfect opportunity for you and a friend to join an awesome guild :smiley:

One spot still available! :slight_smile:

I’d like to join (again). Was a member a year or so ago.
Over last month started to get into game again! Lots of new stuff pets, delves, etc.

Invite code: ZELPHIN
Level: 617