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Celestial Peak ☀ [rank 129] - 1 spot open

Still have two spots available. Come start the new year with us! :slight_smile:

A few players retired, we have 3 spots open and are looking for fresh blood to fill them. Get in touch if you are interested :grin:

Edit: All spots filled! Thanks for checking :blush:

3 spots available! Come join us, and bring a friend :smile:

Hi Mita,

I missed your ad a moment ago while you were on global.
My husband’s friend has recently started this game and ended up in some random guild.
He wants to grow but his english isn’t that great so he asked me to search a guild and i thought yours was perfect.
He’s quite serious (used to be a game developer), started 3 days ago and bought DK armor.

Would you be as so kind to offer him a place in your guild?

That’s very low level, but if he can meet the requirements, he’s welcome to join :slightly_smiling_face: Just note, we do require all guild event participation, so he would have to do daily guild wars for example. We’re in bracket 6 or so, it’s ok if he loses, but he would have to do the matches.

If that sounds fine to him, send me his invite code :slightly_smiling_face:

We need 3 people!! :smiley: Join NOW

Is there still a spot available?

One spot left! :slightly_smiling_face:

We have 2 spots open and another opening up on Sunday. A good chance for you and a couple of your friends to find a new guild home. Get in touch if interested :slightly_smiling_face:

1 spot has been taken, still 1 available now and 1 available after guild war ends :slightly_smiling_face:

2 spots still available :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re at full roster! If anyone still wants to join, get in touch and we’ll let you know when a spot opens up.

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Currently one spot available, get in touch if you’re interested! :slight_smile:

Spot filled :blush:

One spot available :grinning:

We have 2 spots available at present. Come join the fun and bring a friend! :smile:

Edit: Spots filled! :grin:

Once again, Celestial Peak has an opening for you and a friend! Come take out some towers with us :grinning:

Spots filled! :grin:

One spot available, come kill some dooms with us! :smiley:

Spot filled! :blush:

Aaaand I’m back! We’re currently full, but we’ll have 3 spots available after Sunday/Guild Wars. If you and your 2 closest friends have been thinking of switching guilds, here is your opportunity! Send me a PM and let’s find you a new home :smile:

2 spots filled, one still available! Get in touch if you need a new in-game home :slight_smile:

Guild full! :blush:

Unfortunately, I can’t edit the thread title at this time, but if anyone’s checking here, we have 2 spots open at present. Get in touch if you need a good guild! :slight_smile:

lf 2 more.