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Looking for Guild with lenient reqs

So I’m level 105, but very active in the dead guild I just quit. I’m not sure what my Gold intake in a week comes to, 1500 seals everytime. Looking for an active group of people (english) to help me get the info I need, whom i can contribute what I can to. Working on Kingdom levels constantly. Thanks

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I see you already joined our server so we can talk more there.

The scubadivers have a place open. No requirements except try to play also in the weekly events (GW, raid, invasion)
For beginners we don’t expect you to contribute gold but if you can it is welcome.
If you wanna join just give me a sign.

Make sure you let people know which platform you are on. It’ll save you time

Celestial Peak is recruiting! Top 100 guild (PC/mobile), nearly maxed guardians (lvl 183 min), 40k seals and all tasks completed weekly.

Minimum requirements: 100 trophies, 500 seals and guild event participation (all GW battles, 4 battles/day for raid boss & invasion).

No gold requirements, lower level players that are still leveling kingdoms and building their collections are welcome! We have an active discord server where we’ll be happy to help out with team ideas.

Message for invite or more details! :slight_smile:

Any open spaces? :slight_smile:

We’re not the previous guild (s), but Final Fantasy has openings! Our reqs are 500 seals/week plus either 100k gold OR another 500 seals. We’re a friendly laid-back bunch, currently ranked 110 on the league tab, rebuilding after losing some long time members. If you’re interested, let me know!

What type of guild are you looking for? See Madrina’s Marauders ad above.