Active Guild Needed

I’m level 318. Been playing about 3 weeks. The guild I’m in just doesn’t have enough active people.

  1. I play multiple times a day.
  2. I hit 1500 seals every week.
  3. I contribute quite a bit to tasks.
  4. I have half my kingdoms at level 10.
  5. I participate in every event.
  6. I play a lot of PVP
  7. I have Dragon Armor
  8. I have no i-damn-dea what Discord is…

So I’m not the top of the ladder yet, but I hope to get there if anyone is interested. Invite - FLUXDISASTER_ZQGZ

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Flux, you look spot on for intrim iv

I’m getting you an invite, if you’re still guildless :slight_smile:

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i can invite you now myself if you can meet me in 001/global. Or my gm can do it soon :slight_smile:

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Sounds good