Stop buying Tiers PSA

Hey despite what in game says and despite what your reward screen may say (like if you bought a tier and got a Mythic troop).
During new Mythic release weeks the only Mythics that can drop from tier purchases are new Mythics. So currently Archproxy Yvendra.

I just wanted to give y’all a heads up for the future before the devs decide to change how things work without an announcement and then act like your ass should of known better like they did us with Event Chests.


I am a little confused, do people buy event tiers for a chance at Mythic troop? I don’t even know the rates, but I thought the event tiers are for getting sigils with a extremely tiny tiny tiny chance of a mythic change (I did get a mythic once in an event that I cannot remember right now, but that is after playing the events for more than 2 years).

From our guild family discord. So - shop tiers have a completely separate drop table from event chest debacle.


I had the same. I bought 2 tiers in the weekly event and got an AW.


No rewards in this game will ever match the actual total gems spent playing. Its a game, acknowledged ; however; it should be fun, and carrots should be more regular for the players; but the screws are there increasingly on the rewards the player gets for gems. It has become a pathetic drip of rewards under the guise of RNG luck. Time to rename the game; Gems of Grind.

The shop pool is automated, the event chest pool is maintained manually. It’s not the first time someone fumbled the numbers, I guess this time was too apparent to go with the standard “it’s just unlucky” excuse.


@Dust_Angel and @Darkness the OP was sarcasm. But I do appreciate the verification that AW can actually be found in Tiers. (I assumed it would be… But I also assumed it would be in event chests.)