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Drop rate for Event Troops in the shop?

Are the drop rates for troops gained from buying the tiers for events published anywhere? Just went through all the help screens in-game and didn’t see any mention of it.

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I was about to make a new topic asking the exact same question.
I’ve pulled a couple of mythics from event shops, and I’d like to know whether to recommend buying event tier bundles instead of (or in addition to) event keys to get troops for the events.

Anyhoo, here’s the maths for the (current) world event… but I’m pretty sure it applies to all world events. Please LMK if I’m wrong.

Tier 1 costs 30 gems, and gets 2 troops. 15 gems each (ignoring other goodies for now)
Tier 2: 70 gems, 4 troops, 17.25 gems each
Tier 3: 150 gems, 6 troops, 25 gems each
Tier 4: 250 gems, 8 troops, 31.25 gems each
Tier 5: 350 gems, 10 troops, 35 gems each
Tier 6: 500 gems, 12 troops, 41.7 gems each
Tier 7: 500 gems, 25 troops, 20 gems each

Since event keys are 15 gems each, the event troops are more expensive, but not by a huge margin. So, if the drop rate is the same as event keys, its pretty good value when you consider you get all the other goodies as well.

However, for the weekend event, you get the same number of troops with each tier but the cost of each tier is LESS. So, quite possibly some serious value here…

So, any confirmation (or otherwise) would be really useful. Can anyone help?

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