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Stone chests (win runic arcane or celeste stones)

We got hundred of minor and major stones i was thinking it would be nice if we had thw opportunity to open case with stone for a chance to get runic and small % chance to get arcane

For exemple we could Use 50 minor or 25 major to open chest and win a runic same color of the stone used and a little 1% chance to win same color arcane or celeste

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Great idea! :slight_smile:

personally, if I could downgrade Majors into Minors I’d be ecstatic. Over 900 of every major, and under 20 of each minor.

I got over 900 of each minor and major i would give you some if we had the option to do it :slight_smile:

With the new mail system they could add a give a present to friend and everyone receive 10 soul or random minor stone or 1 glory. In some game they had this and it was a feature i really liked. The gift are not taken from your inventory. This kind of thing help to aocialise woth othwr people
And make new friends

Sounds like a good idea. But shouldn’t the minor/major requirement be much lower? What percentage of players have 100s of those to give away?

Yeah it was just example it could be 10 minor or 5 major or something like this

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Your dreaming Ricky but I like your idea. :wink:

Yeah i know but sometime dream come true :slight_smile:

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A similar idea used in Dragon Age where in the multiplayer you could buy just potion chests or chests that had a mix of potions, weapons, upgrades etc.

Just out of curiosity: is this because you traited the first trait for most of your cards to boost your kingdom power up?

That, and since I’m in an active guild I have glory keys coming out of my ears but rarely spend gold on gold keys, so I get tons of major/relic stones but no minors

I feel that. In your initial ‘rush’ when the pvp ladder resets, you might want to invest a good 90-120K in gold chests to bring in some minors, then all the rest to guild tasks.