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Chests with just traitstones

You could even charge 50% more for gold key, glory key, gem key chests that only contain trait stones of the appropriate rarity.

If this were to happen, it would be more like 500% more per chest, but it won’t happen. :frowning:

You literally described VIP Chests

VIP chests don’t have minors and I’m sure he also meant “without spending $130.”

Lol its minors I’m most desperate for. But if they can sell 2 arcanes and epic + for 400 glory they could make some kind of random arcane loot box for glory.
They could eliminate 90% of the whining if for 400 glory they sold.
Random epic
1 event key
200 souls
2500 gold
2 random arcane
4 random minor

Same deal as weekly glory chest but random.

I’ll list what else for trait stone chests would be good and fair. If you like the idea @ reply to a dev. I’m not going to spam them. Don’t complain about the costs I post, they can be adjusted.

350 gold: random minor
1000 gold: random major

25 glory: random major

70 glory: random runic
15 gems: random runic

30 gems: random arcane

That we already have, seeing that all chests contain about 20%+ traitstones. Having chests that give only traitstones for 5 times the cost, you will end up with the same amount of stones, but much less of everything else.

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