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Stone blocks storm, is this a thing?

Last guild war, my oponent has disc of the sun and created a random storm… and it is a stone block one! I wasn’t aware this was available. I got extremely surprised. Bug or feature? (it seems not to have a storm symbol on the bottom of the screen, just the spinning halo)


I have to say, this could be interesting. Add a lot of blocks and shuffling the board may become a new high useful trait :smile:

Player base seems to think this is a bug due to the “random storm” effect of Sun Disk, which is pictured in your screenshot.

If it is intended, it certainly needs some toning down, or else a scenario wherein nothing can be matched will inevitably present itself.


Wait a minute, we can create block?

This is just to funny. Amazing find.A


any idea if the titan hero class random storm also can create it?

It needs to be toned down by a LOT. Unlike gems, blocks dont match and disappear. They keep stacking unless you explode them. The rate of them appearing should be even lower than doomskulls i think

Sorry everyone, not exactly intended! If you were ever wondering if storms really make that much of a difference I hope this answers that question :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll be putting out a quick fix Soon™ that will stop stone blocks from dropping in if a block storm does get triggered. Unfortunately this doesn’t stop the block storm from happening in the first place, but we will get that sorted in the next update. :slight_smile:

(Anything that creates a random storm has a chance to create it)


I happen to like the idea of blocks dropping in… sounds like a fun defense.

Certainly if it’s something that people would like to see properly added we could look at supporting it (and making it balanced). In it’s current state it’s just not quite there unfortunately.

Maybe not stone storm but i could see a troop creating random stone on the board

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I am just wondering what would happen if there’s no more movement? Will you get a new borad?

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Maybe the player/ai created blocks can be temporary for like x amount of turns.

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We have ideas on how to deal with that, unfortunately nothing concrete would can share at the moment (and we’re not sure if it’s something we’ll add yet).

Having “temporary” blocks would be an interesting new board control mechanic.

I see what you did there!

But yeah atroop that adds blocks to the board (in a limited fashion) might interact with Enchanted in interesting ways, stalling the board as Enchanted troops power up, with Explosions being the counter.

If not a troop then it might be worth exploring a faction where there are no blocks on the board to start with but they can occasionally drop from above!

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Or pehaps this one:

It’s more anti-loop and harder to create alignments for skull bashing converters. Would favor exploders, destroyers, and simple spell teams.

Yeah i don’t buy the whole “exploders will be a good counter” line. It is a Storm


I am 100% against anything that’s sole purpose is to slow games down. Please don’t encourage them to turn a bug into a new thing.


Couple troop are creating storm at the start of every turn so it would replace it

But i agree i dont want to see it outside of delve

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