A new feature i would like to see! let me know your opinion

“Mana Block” select a certain mana color that your troop will not collect for (100 gems)(or whatever resource). it would stay blocked until you buy that color back for the same price it cost to block.

say like my team

  • Stormhammer (blue/brown/yellow)
  • Ragnagord (red/brown)
  • Dragon Soul (red/purple)
  • Famine (green/yellow/brown)

I would bock brown mana for Stormhammer in order to help Ragnagord’s mana collection

The mechanic you described sounds too complicated, especially the buy-back part.
I think it would just be easier for the dev to implement if this was treated as some kind of “reverse storm” kind of effect.
So instead of “Storm”, I guess it could be called “Drought” or some such.

We’ll get a feature where we are able to make a few adjustments to A.I’s behavior. It’s already implemented on Consoles, but it’ll probably come to us on PC/Mobile once the game is ported to Unity.

Edit: Found the Console Sneak peak for 2.1.5, so you can check it by yourself: Console 2.1.5 Update Sneak Peek

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Yep, I’m sure PC/Mobile will get that feature. They been talking about getting parity between systems for a long while now.

I’d be interested to see if they also port over from the Unity build some of the Console AI behavior reducing the PC players ability to Skull bait.

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