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Blcoks during guild wars matches (Fixed)

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I was expecting these blocks from the underworld to NOT show up during guild wars.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

First time seeing it. Guild mate saw it against same opponent also.

Steps to make it happen again



That is a strange bug!

Oh and by the way, you dropped this: /

(You need to use triple forward slash to make that emoji work like ///)


Check out that hero weapon. I’d bet that it was the Sun Disk, which summons a random storm upon casting. I just did not expect “block storm” to be one of the options. (Side question: can Sun Disk create a Doomstorm?)


Now that you mention, it, i remember seeing someone post something about the storms somewhere.

If blockstorm is brought in,i can see quite a few people turning their backs on the game as it will slow down the game a lot.

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gw too

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im pretty sure its a storm from the enemy hero weapon not supposed to be released into the pool of storms yet

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…or ever, I hope.


Eh, why?

Blocks are trivial to deal with via something you already have on every team: exploders. So long as you’ve got the mass exploder for your color, you’ve got the answer to a block storm. You can look over the team you’re about to face and figure out real easy if they might deploy a block storm.

I mean, it sucks to be the newbie or mid-gamer who can’t field the higher-end exploders, but that’s the point, isn’t it? Both blocks and the exploder nerf hurt low-end exploders without dramatically hurting high-end exploders. So technically high-end exploders are more valuable than they were before 4.0.

Also, blocks are as much an obstacle for your opponent as they are for you. So one option that doesn’t use exploders is “deal with them.” They might slow down the game but they’re no real threat otherwise.

I’m not sure, but if there are enough blocks wouldn’t the game be stuck forcing a retreat? As much as it causes trouble for the A.I it’s the player who suffers with a defeat in GW for example…

Minecraft Storm = Bad idea.

I’m not sure either. I seem to recall that board-jumbling troops could force the board to reset if the game failed to jumble the board in such a way that there were no immediate matches after several goes. (I used War Sphinx a lot when I was wet behind the ears.) It’s possible that a similar reset would occur if no matches were possible after several attempts to jumble, but considering how unlikely it is to happen in practice today, you may be right that the game could get stuck in this scenario.

Anything that slows the game down is a bad idea in my opinion

Slowing down the game in Guild Wars leads to lower scores for the attackers. It might not make too much of a difference outside top bracket 1 guilds, where making the opponent lose 100 points in their win against you is the best you can aim for. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily the best strategy, but it is a strategy.

My experience with Sun Disk today so far is it isn’t the blocks that are the threat.

Reducing the score of your enemy is valid, but if the devs didn’t foresaw the issue of a battle being impossible to win because the board can’t be reorganized then it’s an issue. The essence of the game is making matches, not being able to do so breaks the core of the game.

They didn’t foresaw the Omens traits locking out battles because the board wouldn’t jumble itself… so…

And we should play GW with this bug? How can we explain to our members who got a lost today that it was not their fault?
And for all next days all those who didn’t use Sun Disk can have a very high advantage in being able to set it.

I’ve never seen GW results reversed due to a bug. If I’m wrong, I’d love to know when and how it happened.

I feel like, historically, this is the kind of “oversight” that, if acknowledged at all by the devs, will be brushed aside as “a bug, but we’re not going to fix it”. I don’t care to even discuss whether I think that’s right or not. It is how it’s going to be because it’s how it has always been. I have seen pages and pages of discussion about how unfair people feel it is.

This is why while i like competing in GW, it is not the most important part of “me having fun” in GoW. It happens once every 3 weeks, and I’m just as likely to lose 1500 points to Goblins getting lucky as I am to lose to something like “unexpected block storm”. I used to get really angry about it. Then I realized the only thing I got out of that was angry.

If you absolutely must have competitive integrity, this is really the wrong game for you. The only thing that might cause that to become more important is a severe exodus of competitive players. But it’s just as likely they’ll just get replaced by whoever was 2nd-place to their power and more willing to deal with shaky integrity of events. Sunken cost is a powerful master.

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I don’t think it’s a bug. It was a change brought on by 4.0. It just wasn’t included in the patch notes.

Happened to me in GW today too and left me with very few moves, ever…

I really don’t want to see boards full of blocks become a common thing. They make it much harder to play crafted or looping teams, and force you to mash explosions and hope…