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Block Storm trait

I would like to see a block storm trait either on a card or a hero class.

pfft gurl yew crazy :sunglasses:


No. You wouldn’t.


I have seen that happen once with a chaos storm in a delve. It was quite annoying. I can’t remember the name of the troop that does that, one of the underworld critters.

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Since storms can be changed so easily, a trait to black them altogether just seems anti-fun. It would be the same as a trait that blocks status effects for both teams, which would be terrible.


I made this post to see what people’s reactions would be to such a trait. It would be the most annoying trait in a guild war ever.


So it was a troll post? You don’t really want this?

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Yes and no.

And then what happens if neither side has an exploder? Eventually no moves left and board reshuffles endlessly. Stupid idea I truly hope devs never do this. Some people like to bring misery to others even if it means bringing misery to themselves. Not me.

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Silly thread… and no I don’t ever want to see this end up (more than it already accidentally is) in the game…