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Starting a YouTube channel primarily for GoW - Would appreciate ideas and feedback

Hello everyone! I am going to be starting my YouTube channel back up starting this weekend at Tacet the Terror. I will be posting at least one video a week that will go over the new event as well as various other videos thrown into the mix. I would love to hear video ideas from the community, particularly from newer players that are having trouble understanding specific aspects of the game.

My current list for reoccurring videos include:

  • A weekly video for each weekly event.
  • A video whenever a new patch comes out and possibly a video for every patch preview.
  • A series that I will start a week or two after update 2.0 where I start a new account from level 1 to show tips for early game progression as an F2P player.

My list for content that I will do in the near future include:

  • Spring has Sprung, the changes in it, and showing the Dragonator 8000
  • The best new challenge farm team now that Dust Devils have been nerfed.
  • 50 Arena draft picks back to back explaining how to draft in Arena in the current version.
  • Next week’s event.

I would love to hear further ideas the community has for additional videos you would like to see. I may also be able to get redeem codes for everyone on occasion on specific videos, but I am primarily only going to be doing that when I start up the new account in 2.0 to target people that will actually need redeem codes.


:thumbsup: Amazing idea

I love this idea, especially event & patch videos. I think a videos for noobs would be awesome too. I keep meaning to dive into a Beginners Guide…

A guide to the current meta.

Some time spent on the console owners too for those who may not have the pc / tablet version


Goblins, Inferno King + Sheggra, Rowanne + any armor gain, Crimson Bats + Valkyrie


I unfortunately do not own a PS4 nor Xbox, so that will not be possible. The videos I do will eventually be applicable for consoles. The magic key video I did over a year back has more views on it from console people than it did from PC/mobile due to it becoming applicable for them. Eventually PS4 and Xbox will have the versions I go over, similar updates, and the exact same events eventually.

Redeem codes that I occasionally hand out will also unfortunately only be useable by PC/Mobile players due to the division of platforms.

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I know what the current meta is, but it would be fun to see videos of those teams playing, and videos on how to defeat them. Thanks for the vote of “no confidence” by the way :wink:

I know. I mainly wanted to focus on broader topics first. Any person who is concerned with what the meta is probably know what the meta is. xD


What about a tutorial video of sorts that walks through the Kingdoms, their banners, kingdom level, and kingdom power?

  • Perhaps you can throw in some recommendations of which kingdoms to focus on first (e.g., +Magic) and ways to maximize tribute chance/rewards (e.g., level all troops to X for a solid kingdom power bump across all kingdoms, etc…)

You could also do a video that covers basic team bonuses and synergies. This is still relatively new to the console and wouldn’t be immediately obvious to a new player on either platform.

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One thing that could be done, later probably, would be a monthly video where you could invite some forum users/guests that are willing to make some comments, share some experiences, hints and tips. The devs could maybe have a special participation just for fun, i’m imagining who would voice Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter Imp antics during seasonal weeks. :laughing:


Yeah, there is a particularly high amount of newer players that ask that. I would probably divide it between everything kingdom related and everything team building related.


I may do that some time in the future. I am still very shy to a mic and don’t tend to talk much on a regular basis. I also do very little editing right now and intend to do all of my videos in one take doing both recording and audio at once with no editing.

Once I learn how to edit better and get more comfortable with talking for minutes on end I may consider it. xD

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If your going to make it work my friend getting over that talking hurdle is a must :slight_smile:


I know the feeling.


Agreed, my voice sounds nice and manly when I speak. But then I listen to one of my voice mails and I sound like and utter fool.


I usually don’t go in for this sort of thing. Also, I don’t require any basic level knowledge.
But goddammit, you said enough interesting things that I’ve already subscribed to your youtube page.

I. hope. you’re. happy!


Always listen to your doctor, in this case, Dr. Seuss: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” :smiley:

It isn’t exactly about being nervous or anything. I just lack the ability to talk clearly. I was in speech classes for over a decade throughout my earlier education. xD

I am also from New Jersey, so we talk very fast. I talk faster than I can think of things to talk about.


Try to elaborate some remind cards of the topics you want to talk, and this could probably help to not get lost on what you want to say and when you want to say it.