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GoW Let's Play #10: How to Draft in Arena

Hello everyone! Today I posted 2 videos both covering Arena content. The first explains Arena in depth as well as showing 25 drafting examples. The second video is my Let’s Play account doing an Arena run.

Also, the devs have raised all redeem codes from 150 uses to 200.




This doesn’t matter much to me; assuming the board doesn’t faceroll me I can easily get 5 wins no matter what.


The drafting video is long, but Tacet gives solid tips pretty much right the way through - I recommend listening through to at least the 45 minute mark if you want to improve your drafting.

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Keep up the nice videos.

I do have to say the CONSOLE Arena will be harder to complete 8 Wins. By not allowing the player the ability to choose their weapon from inventory it almost guarantees mana conflict, and sometime the 3 weapon options are awful.

Currently the a hero troop on console is really only used to tank guard the rear. I’m ignoring the two major bugs for now (combo breaker & traits) that make it harder and easier respectively, as they will be removed.

PS: What’s the souls reward you can get for 8 wins on PC fully decked out? 1625?

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That depends on VIP bonuses. With no VIP bonuses the max you can possibly get from Arena in its current state on PC/Mobile is 1,125 souls. This is either of the 2 100% soul armors + 25% from hard difficulty.

To imagine I was initially going to do 50. That would have been like 100 minutes, lol.

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Thanks for the video, and for taking the effort to help us noobs out :smiley:

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Kinda funny, almost immediately after making my above post, I drafted one of the worst drafts yet… hah. My common pool was something like: Zombie(maybe Ghoul), Wall(never remember the name), and Orc… I got 4 wins, but it was grueling and I just retired after that.

Any chance you would be willing to do a write up guide on here? I know there is one currently, but it is sorely out of date now.