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⭐⭐ Almost Epic is a top ranked guild looking for a competitive individual to join our ranks. ⭐⭐

:tiger::star: Almost Epic is a top ranked guild looking for a new member to join our ranks. :star::cat:

Our current requirements are 300k Gold, 1500 Seals and 300 Trophies. Although members normally donate significantly more than the minimums on a regular basis.
We do require Guild Wars and Discord for active guild participation and team building strategies.
We reach 40K seals and Legendary Tasks every week

Join our discord server - Almost Epic Discord

We are part of a larger family of guilds consisting of BigDamnHeroes (100k/1500s/0t), Real Housecats (1500s) and Cats of War (no requirements) Members are freely open to move between the guilds as their ability to meet requirements change or their desire to achieve more.
(As a special note, there is an expectation to share your cat pictures if you join Housecats or Cats of War :cat:)

We look forward to hearing from you.



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Come join a great group of people

Join us. We have really good statues!

Two open spots available

Great advert @Akashic!

Still looking for 2 solid players.



Join us while you can :slight_smile:

Still have one opening.



Open spots available today! Come in before the Monday task reward spam.

Still have open spots, come join us!!


One open spot!!

Currently in GW Rank 3


Still have one open spot

I would be interested in joining. Unfortunately my current guild Royal Fire is about to be disbanded.

Invite code: dennisbpetersen

Lvl 470 and all cities maxed

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dennisbpetersen joined TUF:Power Gems, but if he hadn’t I would have been happy to see him join Almost Epic.

Almost Epic has a friendly atmosphere and it’s a great organization. Two thumbs up.

Good luck to us both on recruiting good people. May your recruiting posts always stay towards the top.