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Epic Housecats Recruitment - Almost Epic(Rank 14) 1.4M gold, 1k Trophies - 1 spot

GW is required but we have no minimum score requirement. It’s a less stressful environment. We are more focused on gold and event participation for progression.

Epic Housecats current openings

Epic Angels: 500k gold, 2k seals, 600 Trophies
Epic Ingots: 400k gold, 1300 seals, 300 T
Epic Rack: 200k gold, 1k seals, 150 T

We have guilds for all play styles. Discord is a must. Contact ButtStallion#3407 on discord if you are interested in joining our network.


I’m a member of this Network from when I was level 200 ish, very supportive network :slight_smile:

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Multiple spots open in AE and EA for active members!


Awesome network, great info and very friendly players!

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Personally, def recommend this guild. You won’t find more helpful, friendly and just all around good people elsewhere!

Epic Openings :grin:

Epic Angels has openings! Come join a great guild full of helpful players and welcoming network!

Looking for 1 active player! Join our discord or DM me to ask about joining!