Level 1078 averaging 1000+ trophies, 2m+ gold, 1500 seals looking for high end NON GW guild

I am not sure this guild exists, but if it does I would like to join.

The new guild may sign up for GW, and I’ll gladly do my 5 daily matches as long as noone cares even a tiny bit if I use this team or that team and if I go 0/5 or 5/0.

But I don’t want to join any guild. I am looking for an ambitious guild where reqs could be around my own level or maybe a bit lower when it comes to number of trophies. But gold req should be in the area of 1-1.5m gold pr. week, I enjoy the legendary tasks :wink: . I wouldn’t mind if there was like a level 1000+ req as well.

If this guild exists, please send med a PM or answer here. If someone is thinking about transforming their guild to such a guild, I might be interested.

I am currently in a top 20 guild, and I would really prefer to either be in a top50 guild or soon be a top50 guild.

PM sent :incoming_envelope: :slight_smile: