Looking for active high end non GW guild with high gold req


I don’t know if such a guild exists, but I’m looking for one with high gold reqs, something around 800k to 1m per week and achieving 40k seals. It is important that GW is not mandatory because I’m not interested at all in this. I don’t want to play the matches or spend resources in this. In fact, I don’t want to tolerate anymore that a game or a guild tells me how to play and when to play, and this is exactly what GW brings to the game in my opinion.

I’m currently losing interest in the game because the fun slightly decreases for me because of the GW. That’s why I’m looking for a guild that is more interested in the collectible part of the game and thus is more into farming than anything else, a guild that tries to do as many legendary tasks as possible and that respect the way the members want to play.

I’m currently lvl 600+, and I can do 1500 seals and at least 700+ trophies / 800k+ gold per week, and likely more.

If such a guild exists and is looking for members, I’ll be glad to hear more. Please send me a private message if you want to get in touch with me.



sent you pm

I’ll try to up this just one time since my previous guild changed his mind about guild wars for obscure reasons. I’m fine for any high leveled guild doing all 6 statues, 40k seals and GW not mandatory, but I’m starting to think that such a guild does not exist. I always knew that GW would kill the game to me, but that’s worth one last try before moving to another game. Send me a PM if you have a slot and if you are that very special guild I’m looking for. Thanks.

Would you be interested in Dominant? We are rank #42 currently and might be in line with your post here. Our reqs are 1500s 400k 300t with many consistantly doing 1-3m plus and 1k trophies or more. Gw optional discord server is also optional. We ranked fifth overall this past week in total trophies earned as a guild.