Looking for a guild with these req's. :)

I’m looking for a 300k only guild, no seals or trophy req’s that completes 3+ statures a week.

I don’t want any pressure guilds or high req guilds just 300k and maybe a small amount of seals and trophies.

I give much more than 300k and do upwards of over 400 trophies but not a week. 300k no problem but all that other stuff I don’t do every week.

Seems the guilds I have been in have those that don’t give any gold at all and barely get two statues a week. I sort of want one that does a clockwise equal statues with one combat perk, one life and one shield maybe. I can forgo the shield but would like 3 at least.

Level around 200+ and rank doesn’t matter if you’re getting 3 statues a week or more.

If anyone fits this find me in global chat during 9pm to 6am central time. :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

There are plenty of low requirement guilds for amateur players still learning. You should post a message in the new players thread.

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If we have a spot open later this week. I would take you.

We are an active guild but we don’t finish 3 statues. 1 if it goes well. Since we focus on leveling them all so we get them all to 8-11.

But our reqs are simple and easy to maintain for someone who plays and loves to have fun without stress.

100k or 500 seals. That’s it. (its that way so if someone goes on vacation they don’t feel stressed) (most do way more…but I don’t like ruling with an iron fist)
Our main 10 contribute around 200-500k and do 1500 seals, ect.

Let me know if you want in on our next opening.
As long as your active…I never boot anyone unless they are inactive for 10+ days and don’t give me a reason why.

Just post your invite code if you want an invite. We are ranked 405 and we won our Guild Wars week last week are in the 300 range this week. Likely moving up as we are active but not hardcore. lol

amateur? I’m no amateur bucko I been in the top 100’s was just gone for awhile and no we didn’t have these ridiculous childish requirements to be in one. 25k a week and that was all. no seals, no trophies you did what you wanted.


Please join us @SLAYAH

We meet all of your requirements :grinning:

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Thanks guys for the invites, but, I found one more to my liking in the top 100 and 6 statues every week completed and some legendaries. 50k gold, 300 seals, 0 trophies and a few GW’s matches I can deal with. :slight_smile: