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Looking for perhaps a unique guild

Hiya all. Because of not being able to fullfill the weekly reqs of 300 trophies and 1500 seals each week I decided to leave my guild ‘Stratagem’ after more than a year.

What Im still able to do weekly is about 600/700k gold due to my resources and a high level of GW results, having been paragorn and flawless weeks multiple times.

So in short Im looking for a top bracket guild that only has that gold req. Im still able to do 1200ish seals a week and 1500 in mythic weeks.

So I dont know if a top guild wants me without the trophy req but you can post here or pm me. See you soon perhaps.

You are looking for something complicated. There are tons of GW optional guilds, but I don’t know any that is focused on GW and has no trophy req.
Maybe Tyrant, but they don’t seem to read the forum and I have no idea if they recruit players who are not Chinese.

I know Power Gems has no trophy requirement from their recruitment post, but it does look for 1500 seals. Perhaps talk with their GM?

I know I feel your welcome to stick around as we figure out where Stratagem is headed.

@Thegreyorc is a top draft pick for any guild that has similar desires as he does.

Thx Esox. Much appreciated :blush:

In Honor Guard our weekly mins are technically 250t, 1300s, 550k, and GW daily. But we’re flexible and allow members to do less in one min if they do more in another. We bounce between bracket 2 and 3 and are currently league rank 30. We have a space for you if interested. Thanks!

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Illuminati confirmed would love you. But we are only working our way up from bracket 20.

300k plus and all gw battles would suffice.

We are the sister guild of mean machine

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We @ Royal Fire also don’t have a trophy requirement. 600k is our minimum.
We also don’t have a seals requirements, but at times we encourage people to reach 1500 seals when we are close at 40k, ie after winning a few GW battles.

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We are looking for members.
Our guild " we are one" is 187 on global rank and climbing fast.
Guild war on bracket 8
Our requirement are:
Daily play on guild war, at least 500 seals /week and at least 100000 gold/week
We are a casual guild but all our players are active and contributing: legendary task completed and 20000 seals reached every week.
Let me know if you would like to join us.
Hope to see you ingame

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Black Pearl doesn’t have weekly trophy reqs either


Celestial Peak is recrutiing. We are Rank 47 500s/100t. GW needed for promotion, and We finish all Tasks.

We have a Casual or Competitive Policy that might tailor to your need.
If you want to be casual, you only need 500 seal and 100 trophy a week.

If you want to be competition and climb in guild rank, you need 300k gold/1500seal/300 trophies + full GW participation.

Ideally we prefer you to help out in GW whether you wish to be Casual or not :wink: But between this range, most players can usually find a comfort zone in our guild. Let me know if you’re interested!

Thx everyone for replying. With the 4 times speed and all that is happening around the game, I decided to stay with my guild. I invested a lot of time in it and we have grown into a group of friends. I doubted too heavily too leave which made me re-assess everything. Our new reqs fit me more now and I can save up 1 week to take it a bit slower the next.

Again thx for all the interest and we’ll see what the future brings.

Grtz, Bjorn.