Casual L1000+ PC player looking for new guild

Was fine with my casual guild before, but no one is playing anymore. In between campaigns now, so looking for new home. I play 30-60 minutes a day, mainly campaign and guild events. Good for ~200K gold/week. Not looking to leech, just want to get something out of a guild (e.g., vault keys from events for campaign tasks!).

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Hey @ripcitygamer Dave,

We are a network of guilds with all levels of play. The guild I manage is Epic Rack and our reqs are 200k gold, 1000 seals and 150 trophies. Discord is a must have for overall coordination on tower of doom etc, where all rooms are scouted and the results posted, so that high level players can skip the lower levels by just playing the boss rooms, and lower level players can scout out the bottom of the tower, making life easier for everyone.

We have players from all over the world. It’s a very friendly place with tons of information and guides, and chat channels where somebody will answer any question you have.

If you’re interested, I’ll throw you a discord invite and you can drop in for a look around. I’m sure you will enjoy your time here though.


(TheWinzor) in game.
Our network of 7 or 8 guilds is called Epic Housecats

Hey Dave,

Been waiting on discord (I hope the link works as it’s a one time invite - let me know if not). I’m crashing now as it’s late here in Shanghai (I’m from Manchester UK but work here). When you do hit our discord, just say I invited you and someone will show you around. Our discord is monitored 24/7 with global players. Hope to have a new guildie by tomorrow!



Check out Prancypants. We are a casual guild. Discord optional. Feel free to poke around in our server if you want a look around. GoW: Prancypants Or look for us in game; we don’t restrict joining. If we are full and you’re interested, I kick people a couple times a week :smiling_imp: so let me know.

No gold required. 750 seals. 100 trophies.

Ranks (Prancy Pants, Dancy Pants, Shuffle Pants, and Fresh Pair, clearly we are an oh so serious guild) are based on how you do in events. Highest rank is for those that carry their weight, so, 1/30 of max rewards. Next rank is half, then half again. Bottom rank is just a recruit / trial phase.

Greetings ripcity!
Madrina’s Marauders currently has 2 openings - and I believe we’re a good fit for each other. We Complete All Events - LV 6 Chests - All Tasks & Epics - Team Building - Cool Interactive Discord With Teams For All Occasions - + More!
We’re all over level 1,000.
We work together to get things done, you will think it’s Xmas because of all the rewards we get.
We’re a friendly, established, family, #195 & still rising.
If you’re looking for a good home give us a try.
Min Wkly Reqs: 300,000 gold / 1,500 seals / 400 trophies / All Guild Events / Level 600+
If you need it I’ll give you a break on the gold until your kingdoms are at level 10.
You can contact me on discord at: madrina#8212