Almost Epic (rank 52) is recruiting active players! [29/30]

Hello there,

We are an almost top 300 (301 to be more specific), level 68 guild looking for active players.
We also don’t have big requirements for you, only asking for you to be at least lvl 80.
So, if you are an active player who likes to pvp, you are more than welcome in our guild!

Just send me a message with your invite code and lvl!

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Nice guild name. Welcome! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

PS: We are lvl 296 atm and as you can see, we’re rising quickly!

Still have 2 spots opened!


Lvl 72, rank 269.
Anyone wanna join us?

So, this guild is rank 163 now, lvl 130.

We need 3 very active lvl 200+ players.

If anyone want to join, send me a pm with your invite code and level.

Thank you in advance!

We have an open spot for an active player!!

What YOU need to offer?

200 trophies a week and 1500 seals! And be sure you have you kingdoms upgraded, or you are very close to that!!

What WE offer you?

  1. Promotions/Demotions based on activity:

500+trophies = promotion
200-500 trophies = stand-stills
100-200 trophies = demotion
under 100 trophies = kick

  1. A lot of tasks done! We stop at legendary tasks usually but who knows what we can acomplish together?

So if you want to be Almost Epic with us, send me a message with your level and invite code!

Pildoor joined us! we are full now…

Hello, we are recruiting again, but this time with a new line:
Almost Epic is recruiting! Rank 57, Lvl 279. MIN reqs: 300T/300K/1500seals (usually 40k/LT)

still open 2 spot

We are full now! :slight_smile:

We have a spot open!
Need an active player, that has no trouble doing 300 trophies, 300.000 gold and max seals!

We are waiting for you!

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