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Awesome Guild Name- Currently full

Edit: 7-7-2018

We now have one spot open. The guild hits 40k seals by mid week, all task/15 LTs+/constant pet spawning. Our discord is extremely fun, friendly and active. Roughly 5 members are still working on their kingdoms, those that have joined us regardless of levels have well surpassed expectations. We are progressing at very nice pace as we are already working towards hitting top 1000 guilds in all time trophies within just a span of a month and a half.

Current requirements are level 200+ 500k (or 3 kingdoms per week if leveling)/1500 seals/100 trophies/events (though we don’t ask you to spend gems). Discord is 100% required. We are very social bunch and like to be able to contact our members when need be.

If your one that seeks a guild who likes fun, joke around, along with a high level of competition in non toxic enviroment we very well might be the right place for you.

If your interested or have any questions please send me a message here or friend request me on discord username Danovar#3684



<end 6-30-2018 edit>

Recently, a few former guildies and myself got together and decided we wanted a new challenge: to actually create a guild from scratch, build it up, and watch it become a success. So we have started “Awesome Guild Name." Most of the leadership has been in T1 bracket guilds and has years of experience. This is just a fun and long term project we have began.

In our first week we were lucky enough to find great recruits (even recruiting midweek) that we were able to hit 33k seals. This is our 2nd week and we have reached the 40k seal mark already! New friends have been made, and everyone seems extremely happy to be a part of the guild, and confident about our amazing progress thus far!

Only 3 spots left. Come join the fun!

1 immediate opening. 3 openings coming Sunday. First come first serve regardless of level

Edit- Immediate opening closed. Still 3 for sunday

Only 1 spot left for tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Closed as of 6-14-2018. If your willing to wait in our sister guild (which has not launched as of yet) for spot again PM me here or discord.

Closed for now

Come join the fun! :smiley:

Recruitment is now closed. :slight_smile:

Closed again.

Got one spot open. Come have some fun with us

Really love this guild! We have a lot of fun people here. We all work together to get stuff done. Come try us out!

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Edit: 7:8:18

We are now closed.

Come join us :slight_smile: