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[SPOILER] Some love for Tyri and her family

Now that the father is here, we can imagine a treasure hunter team. But I tried and it’s not so fun because:

  1. 20% to drop one map is too low… Maps are not OP in terms of rewards so I don’t see why only 20%…
  2. no special team bonus when Tyri + her brother + her father are together… Why? :slight_smile: It sould be impossible but a bonus that increase the drop of one Map should be perfect ;-).

Probably because their father has no clue who they are? Lol

Self link so I don’t double upload the image. There is some love for the family group. I’ll let you notice it, because I thought it was all Rogues at first.

EDIT: I see. Nice. Thanks for noticing this ;-).
Apparently, you don’t need the 3 of them to trigger the bonus… 2 is enough. So, no bonus for the 3 of them :stuck_out_tongue: .

And even if this bonus can be nice it’s just x2 grinding time… It will better to also multiply the number of map acquired (2 instead of only 1).

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Don’t know if it’s for her family too but tyri alone raises the map cap.

He even called her Bindy at the first time they met again XD

Oh dang, I never noticed that. I just saw it with 2 of them.