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Hidden Nerf - Treasure Maps

I’ve noticed recently treasure maps are a lot harder to grind even though the “20% chance” is still displayed, I use a special farm team in easier games and I used to get quite a lot but now it’s as if the rng is either broken or the devs secretly nerfed them to around 5% chance without changing the displayed stats. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyone else notice this?

I’ve never grinded for treasure maps, they drop often enough from natural gameplay. I have plenty you can have if you want.

20% means you need to cast Tyri at least 5 times to obtain a treasure map and that doesn’t mean a guarantee.
You were more likely to have been lucky in the past.

I see no reason why the devs would even consider nerfing treasure maps either.

They are so easy to come by (you won’t even need Tyri as you progress in levels and still accumulate) and treasure hunt rewards are petty at best.

Honestly, I wouldn’t bother grinding for them. Just carry on playing and before you know it you’ll have thousands sitting there doing nothing.


@NexusI5K, I’ve not noticed this.

And, that is to say that I actually took the time this morning to see if things were amiss.

After acclimating myself to the game again, I used a test account to farm some maps via Stone Wall Challenge.

All was copacetic. Drop rates for treasure maps per Tyri cast were favorable, actually (something closer to two maps for every five casts).

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Yeah it does seem like that at times, but you also get times when you get maps on the first cast … it generally balances out, even when you have a run of no luck … that said, get yourself a good guild, and get the as part of the weekly guild rewards … then never worry about them again … also, honestly, the rewards are not that good from them, i stopped bothering to use them.

Grinding for maps isn’t something I’ve ever needed to consider. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This…yep. Thousands of them jus sitting there gathering dust

20% is a very low chance to succeed. How many times are you casting per match? With no evidence other than a feeling, this thread won’t be taken seriously.

Play 100 games, log the results, then post them. If you are correct, it needs to be corrected. Whether other people on the forum have a lot of Maps is fully irrelevant and does not lessen the necessity of accurate numbers.

It’s unfortunate that longtime members felt the need to derail your thread with their opinion on the usefulness of maps.