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Incase you missed it

Maps got updated again!

Where when how what? Can ya guess I missed it?

Yep, they have ninja buffed maps twice. The first was when they put out 2.1 and the 2.1.5. They did not even mention it in the patch notes, but i noticed maps giving more rewards, and then becoming cheaper to get maps.

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We haven’t made any changes to map rewards.
Believe us, if we BUFFED it, we’d be shouting about it :scream:

Sounds like you had a good run of rewards though, @killerman3333!


The buff, was rewarding seals for doing 60 turns in a map. The second buff, making maps cheaper was giving tyri’s brother the ability to make maps, and the third buff was to tyri and her brother as to how many maps they can make per battle. These are not active bffs, but passive buffs to treasure hunt.

Ah thanks!

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