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A Family Affair: Seeking Treasure

@DonBoba pointed out Tyri raises the maps to 20 total all on her own. I only noticed it when pairing the family up. :frowning:

Oh well, I was very excited to see the 20 maps with the 3 of them, and thought there was a hidden team bonus.

*So much for an Easter Egg Emoji.

Does it work?

what am I missing here?

Tyri is the daughter of lil’ johnny bronze. Marid is the son of lil’ johnny bronze. Then you have the hero. Therefore, he made a team around the protagonists of blackhawk’s story line. Now we wait to find out about who tyri’s and marid’s mothers are.

that part I got,but I thought there was an easter egg here to look at - as in the dev did something silly when you put them all together :slight_smile:

Yeah, wouldn’t it be neat if you got an extra team bonus for that set up?


When they release the mothers, then i say we deserve a team buff called family unit, have it give +5 to all stats when 4 of the family are together.

All I can say is, Tyri takes after her mother…sight unseen.

I know they chatted about her mother in another storyline in the game, just not sure where.