(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


I don’t know if that’s more racist towards Brazilians or towards arguments :thinking:


At that moment I call it a great coincidence.


There. I made a thread for guild wars.

Now let’s please keep this for spoilers as it was.

Thank you.


I really think we should drop that topic in this thread and get back on point.
It is funny tho, that I mentioned the devs can be sure the community will do the PR stuff for them, and here you go doing just that and proving my point. :rofl:


My favorite game mode currently is Faction Events.
I did not like the Invasion system and Raid Boss, although I played them, but the Delves changed the battle system a lot and that was good. Nowadays, the Delves are battles where you have to reflect long before you fight.
Of course, just like Raid Boss and Invasion, there is a store, extra Sigils and items sold with gems. But NOBODY is forced to spend. If you use the Sigils that the game offers and play well you still have a great result.

I do not understand why so much complaint as to stores and items sold with gems, no one is forced to spend. The person spends if he wants, but complains anyway. If it’s bad, just do not play, go play Candy Crush on Facebook. That simple.

Gems of War is one of the few games that F2P players can play without difficulty and even without contributing anything to the developers for the game to continue to exist, they still complain.

The funniest part is that they complain and keep playing under the threat of “ah, if it keeps going like this I’ll stop”, but keep playing.

If Gems of War is bad, go to Candy Crush, spend your energies, wait a full day for the energies to fill up again, and then maybe you’ll see the big game that you left.


Please don’t “at me” anymore everyone. I know I’ll get all the blame for steering off topic, and I would just like to drop it now, please.


Well, I like all the spoiler information. I’m excited about the new delve faction, I wonder if there is a screenshot posted yet of its layout?

I would love to get a look at the new doom tower format, maybe Salty will show it during her 4.1 preview stream this coming Monday (crossing fingers).

I was responding in that above copy to the idea that every new game mode, or new anything, is mostly seen as a dev cash grab. I don’t feel the sigil system is worse than making us watch ads, I would hate ads playing per battle, or being tempted to watch 6 minute medical ads to get say some gems


One of the things I love most about Gems of War, in my almost 4 years of gameplay (being 4 years old in December) is that we do not need to be seeing ads in exchange for gems (as in many other games).
The game offers us ways to get gems and for whatever it is, for free, looks great.
Any older player in Gems of War knows that 50% of success is due to resource control. What keeps me all these years in Gems of War is the fact that it’s not a P2W game. It is perfectly possible to have fun without being forced to spend in the shops.
Another reason that holds me to the game is the fact that there are constant updates, new game modes, new creatures, frequent innovations.
Still, there are those who only see the bugs, something that every game will always have.
You have to be optimistic, to see the good side of things (and in this case there are many) not to be the one who only knows how to complain about everything, always.


Listen troll boy, I’m not sending a survey out to guild leaders. I told you what I saw and heard on xbox while in bracket one. Accept it or troll off.



I won’t respond to your trolling again as it always derails threads. If you can’t back up your assumptions then best not to make such comments. All the best :+1:


I am the only one worried about the soulforge in the new event? We will need gems to buy more sigils and probably gems to forge scroll?


Were you asleep all this year and someone else has been posting here on your behalf? :laughing:

Just kidding btw.


Lol i was just trying to point out we will have more way to spend gems but less way to gain them :stuck_out_tongue:

GW less often and vault event also less often

If i am right this event should be the biggest gems sink event. I can’t imagine what will be the next step? No sigil to start you will need to buy them to participate, no valraven etc…


I don’t think much will change in Soulforge, likely only new weapon will be the only thing craftable, as Scroll and sigils are different thing. Scrolls are Underworld’s sigils, but Tower of Doom’s sigils are not Scroll, but an entry fee for each floors, which have several rooms that earn you Scrolls, similar to Delve’s Chest Upgrade. Yeah… quite confusing.

You said Tower of Doom is just a Raid/Invasion clone, but I think it’s more like Delve clone with week-long guild participation. And if the reward/shop systems are similar, it won’t be much of a gem sink at all, and could even become the most rewarding week-long mode yet.

Looking at the each months event in the past half year, we have on average 1 GW per month anyway. Even if new mode is as much gem-demanding as Raid/Invasion, you still won’t notice any differences in your gems hoard anyway.

And actually, it’s enough to finish the whole Raid/Invasion event by just buying Tiers up to the new weapon, some player just spend more to get new troop to Mythic. If new mode doesn’t have a troop tied to it, why would you spend more gems than it need? As I have said several times, more gem sinks doesn’t mean everyone is forced to spend gems on all of them.


:thinking: :cry:


Doomed Weapon as in ‘doomed to never be used after this week’?


Not that bad, it depends if they will be mono-color weapon or not.


Seems to suggest there’ll be six of them…? So they’ll reappear in six month cycles’ time to be beefed up further and used again…?

Edit: I also hope they aren’t mono-colour - and the colour pairs chosen don’t just match an existing troop with a transform - and they get much cooler names than just ‘Doomed [weapon type]’…


We see all six colors once a week, like we do in Guild Wars.

Edit: this may not be correct.


I don’t think so. Only one shop with one weapon inside.
And the screenshot on twitter doesn’t have any clues that the towers change every day.