(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Oh god I would not want to be part of a match with all troops death marked, stunned, or frozen!!!

Storms, probably, as some of the new kingdom troops create them too.


Also there was some mention about a Shield trait (Monster Shield naming caused issues with Monster Bond last week), so possibly those as well?

Yup, that’s a possibility too.

I highly, highly doubt they’d make a status effect that Silences everyone but that one troop. TSO is annoying enough as it is to make it available to everyone for cheap cost and Common rarity.


Not sure what exactly you’re asking.

I made a script that extracts the data from game files (xml and json), and assembles them to the spoiler format you see. At this point it’s pretty much an automatic process, I only have to copy+paste the spoilers every time there’s new info. This is true for spoilers in both textual and image forms.

The Type Shield does not need a client update, as its effect, target and trigger all exist in other traits. There is nothing new that needs implementing.

Coming right up, if Lyya doesn’t beat me to it.


Im wondering because that would be a great way to create troop ideas. And you already showed you can make jokes with good old chuck.

Oh, that? Sure, it’s possible. I can’t share that script at this point as it’s not very portable, but I can make any image if you give me the details.

I might consider making a public fake-spoiler maker at some point in the future, but even if I do it will take some time, so don’t hold your breath.

I’m going to try titling my spoilers from now on, so they’re easier to find when scrolling. I also plan on adding an Index of sorts at the end of every spoiler post.

###Next Kingdom Troops (Suncrest) - OUTDATED:
REMINDER: All future troop details are subject to change at any time. (Retrieved 2017-03-21)

Common / Suncrest / Monster
Spell: Goat Sucker (9 Yellow) - Deal [Magic+2] damage to an enemy. Deal double damage if the enemy is a Beast. There is a 10% chance to devour Beasts.
Traits: Beast Slayer / Frenzy / Stealthy
Requires: Minor Wind, Arcane Summer Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 17; Life - 24; Armor - 10; Magic - 7 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Will arrive in 24 days (2017-04-14).

Rare / Suncrest / Stryx Mystic
Spell: Star Signs (10 Green/Yellow) - Summon a Leafstorm. All Allies gain [Magic+1] Armor, boosted by Ally Stryx. [x4]
Requires: Minor Wind, Arcane Light Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 14; Life - 30; Armor - 12; Magic - 5 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Will arrive in 24 days (2017-04-14).

Rare / Suncrest / Stryx Mystic
Spell: Trance (10 Green/Purple) - Summon a Darkstorm. Decrease a random skill on all enemies by [Magic/2].
Requires: Minor Magic, Arcane Venom Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 18; Life - 23; Armor - 12; Magic - 6 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Will arrive in 24 days (2017-04-14).

Ultra-Rare / Suncrest / Stryx Fey
Spell: Feather Frenzy (11 Yellow/Purple) - Deal my Attack as damage randomly split among enemies, boosted by Brown enemies. [x8]
Traits: Flying / Frenzy / Fast
Requires: Minor Wind, Arcane Plains Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 26; Life - 17; Armor - 6; Magic - 0 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Will arrive in 24 days (2017-04-14).

Jaguar Warrior
Ultra-Rare / Suncrest / Raksha
Spell: Ritual Kill (11 Blue/Red) - Deal [Magic+5] damage to an enemy. If the enemy dies, heal back to full and gain 8 Attack.
Requires: Minor Fire, Arcane Blood Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 20; Life - 20; Armor - 10; Magic - 10 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Will arrive in 24 days (2017-04-14).

Epic / Suncrest / Wildfolk Mystic
Spell: Ruby Staff (12 Green/Purple) - Give an ally [Magic+1] Life and Attack. Cleanse them. If they use Red Mana, give them 3 Magic.
Requires: Minor Magic, Arcane Venom Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 19; Life - 27; Armor - 12; Magic - 5 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Will arrive in 24 days (2017-04-14).

Legendary / Suncrest / Elemental Stryx
Spell: Fiery Rain (17 Red/Yellow) - Summon a Firestorm. Deal [Magic+1] damage to all enemies. Gain 1 Magic, boosted by Red Gems. [3:1]
Traits: Naga Slayer / TBD / Flock Leader - Allied Stryx gain 4 Life and Magic.
Requires: Minor Fire, Arcane Storm Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 18; Life - 27; Armor - 18; Magic - 6 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Will arrive in 24 days (2017-04-14).

Prince Azquila
Epic / Suncrest / Stryx Knight
Spell: Wrath of the Sky (13 Blue/Yellow) - Summon a Lightstorm. Deal [Magic+5] damage to an enemy. If the enemy dies, all allies gain 5 Attack.
Traits: TBD / TBD / Holy Armor
Requires: Minor Wind, Arcane Blade Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 17; Life - 21; Armor - 23; Magic - 4 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: You are the wind beneath my wings.
Will arrive in 27 days (2017-04-17).


Thanks for doing this.

A few powercreeping examples though that presumably need balancing down before they’re final? (yes I know they’re early draft subject-to-revision etc)

That’s strong for a common. In fact it seems better than Scarlet, who is supposedly an Epic?

So a rare with a spell that gives everyone +16-20 Armour at any level? And more likely to be +30 Armour in end-game, to all allies, at 10 mana?

Need to watch that Magic stat level and the gain in Magic each cast. With the leggy trait, we could easily have another Krystenax (simply mathematically overpowered AoE numbers) on our hands.

To be fair, the rest are not too bad, seem to be about on-point for where I’d like to see the power curve landing.

Fun to hypothesise what the ~storm effects will do: my hunch is it’s a board-wide global effect that lasts a few turns (cumulative expire effect like other statuses), and does one or both of the following:

  • create gems of the corresponding colour on the board at the start of each turn
  • deal damage to every troop that is not that colour at the start of each turn

Iv been wanting something like HearthCards, but for gems of war.

I can imagine it’s something that would fit fairly well into @Lyya’s website.

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Problem here. The links just seem to jerk me around to odd posts. Help!

That was strange… I tried to fix it, care to test?

Works now for me! (I had it weird before as well)

Works perfectly now. Thanks Yoni!

what if storm simply changes the odds for falling gems to be the color storm represents?

but i think i like the idea of extra spawning few gems of the color between the turns

Since when is krysta overpowered?

Really appreciate you posting the GW troops, but pending more info about “storms” and them being amazing, these are really underwhelming :frowning:

When Krys had the trait bugged. Actually deals more damage than given. That is what I think being referred to here

What trait bug?