(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

I realise this is not the thread to have this discussion. But assuming an effective bone dragon nerf it is way easier to devise a team to cast a large number of spells (i.e. a looping team) than it is to create a large number of skulls.

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if you manage to cast it xD

famine will love him :sweat_smile:

you only need to create one skull match of 4+ per a cast to make it as effective as a loop for casting, considering you gave a 4+ skull match plus one more skull match of 3 skulls that is already twice as effective as “casting-loop”, considering a normal loop to mana feed keeper of souls plus his casts once a while along with the loop could result with more skull-matches per cast then the “cast per cast” 1:1 ratio, so in any way i wanna look at it i still see skull matches trigger faster/more often then the casts

My issue with Courage is the trait firing multiple times per round.

Bone Dragon in isolation is powerful, but I can manage.

Bone Dragon + Courage x2 means:

  1. A troop loses all armor
  2. All opposing troops gain 30+ life and attack before damage is calculated
  3. My first troop is obliterated by skull damage
  4. Typically enough 4+ skulls to obliterate another troop as well

If courage’s trait only fired once per move (so if you make 2 skull matches with one move, it only gives +3 life and attack, not +6) it would be FAR more manageable. But with Bone Dragon making over 5 distinct skull matches on a cast, that is 15 attack and life per courage.


@yonizaf im sorry if this has been posted already because if so i missed it but has suncrest been pushed back?

Next weeks troop is blackhawk if suncrest comes out this week next week would be suncrest event right?

yes, Suncrest was pushed back. The info about it is in the other thread, dedicated to release schedule: http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/spoilers-arcane-traitstones-in-glory-packs-feb-mar-2017/

The top post there is updated regularly, also check out Rasper’s spreadsheet that’s linked there. Bookmarking it may be a good idea too.


Suncrest is delayed until the 3.0 guild wars update unfortunately, so we don’t currently have a date

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So you mean the schedule from May 29 on is shifted a week? With 29 for new kingdom?

How about the hole on June 26th?

Yes, the kingdom’s event is may 29th (and the kingdom itself is 26th).

The following events are moved back one week, up until the ‘hole’ which is then covered. Events after that are not affected.

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Thanks, http://tinyurl.com/GoWEvents all up to date again.


@yonizaf @Dddd many thanks for the quick and informative replys😀

Very helpful

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Another question, are the trait costs known? Curious if they are standard common or guardian style commons.

For now they seem to require the same amount as a common. Of course it doesn’t mean it have to stay like that, could very well be just a temporary placeholder.

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That’s excellent news.

Question, how do you create those troop previews?

You said GW troop trait and spell info would be available upon request - please consider this a request! :grin:

Thanks for all that you’ve done to help keep us informed!

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I don’t have @yonizaf’s fancy scripts, so you’ll need to settle for a text dump:

  • All third traits (xxx Aura) give a static +3 to all stats to all troops of the associated color.
  • I don’t know what a “storm” is. By the look of it, it might be a board-wide status effect, since the conditional effects don’t specify a target. Whatever it is, it clearly has color affinity with the troop’s color.
  • As yoni mentioned, all trait costs are currently in line with other non-Guardian Common troops.

Common Monster
Hooked (10 Brown)
Deal [Magic + 4] damage to an enemy. Deal triple damage if there is a Duststorm. Create a Duststorm.
(Stone Heart, Thick Head, Stone Aura)
MAX Attack:16 Life:27 Armor:24 Magic:12

Common Monster
Aerial Strike (10 Yellow)
Deal [Magic + 4] damage to an enemy. Deal triple damage if there is a Lightstorm. Create a Lightstorm.
(Air Heart, Alert, Wind Aura)
MAX Attack:23 Life:27 Armor:10 Magic:12

Common Beast
Flipper Slap (10 Blue)
Deal [Magic + 4] damage to an enemy. Deal triple damage if there is an Icestorm. Create an Icestorm.
(Water Heart, Insulated, Ice Aura)
MAX Attack:21 Life:29 Armor:12 Magic:12

Common Orc-Giant
Rampage (10 Red)
Deal [Magic + 4] damage to an enemy. Deal triple damage if there is a Firestorm. Create a Firestorm.
(Fire Heart, Fireproof, Fire Aura)
MAX Attack:24 Life:22 Armor:13 Magic:12

Common Daemon-Monster
Hypnotize (10 Purple)
Deal [Magic + 4] damage to an enemy. Deal triple damage if there is a Darkstorm. Create a Darkstorm.
(Magic Heart, Warded, Magic Aura)
MAX Attack:17 Life:28 Armor:21 Magic:12

Common Fey-Beast
Sacred Dance (10 Green)
Deal [Magic + 4] damage to an enemy. Deal triple damage if there is a Leafstorm. Create a Leafstorm.
(Nature Heart, Flying, Nature Aura)
MAX Attack:23 Life:27 Armor:10 Magic:12


OOOH!!! storms look interesting! Wonder what they do?

Is it just me or are the Aura traits currently just plain better versions of the current guardian traits? Match x = gain y stats on all troops?.

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I personally prefer our current guardians, where you can gain more than a static +3 to all. It sets up a new play style to build a team around, rather than having a troop match a color and get a flat bonus. I like to be able to do something to increase my stats, if that all makes sense…but the troops seem interesting and definitely something I would want to try out, especially if a storm is any good!

anyway we can get some information on the new kingdoms troops? :stuck_out_tongue:
What is the new mechanic that required an update to implement?

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Wonder if they are like the environment effects that was suggested months ago. So “Firestorm” would give all troops on both sides burning (hence Fireproof, so he isn’t affected) while active. Same with stun, silence, frozen, death mark, entangled for the other 5.

Although, Alert on Peryton is useless. Air Heart and Wind Aura only trigger at start of match, so being stunned wouldn’t impact the troop at all.


I worded it badly. They give a flat +3 to all stats at the beginning of the match to all troops of their associated color. Apologies, I’ll fix the post.