(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

I am pretty sure an Orc beat up young Sirrian at some point, and he is retaliating by making everything Orc in GoW terrible.


Once upon a time ago…Orcs broke the game when the devs were “nice enough” to buff them. Resulting in a nerf for all gem spawners.

Basically increase the Magic stat of all team members by a third of the Magic stat of the hero. It doesn’t boost the hero, so it can’t snowball. And you’ll likely just end up handing the opponent a purple board with multiple extra turns most of the time.

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wouldn’t that just be Magic/ 3 then?

right now it reads more like what Asha do, only instead of 3 magic, its … 0.34 magic.

Staff of Insanity
Drain 5 Mana from all Enemies, OR Give 0.34 Magic to all other Allies, OR Create 12 Purple Gems.

12 Purple Gems isn’t a terrible amount tbh. It just sucks its shared with giving magic or draining 5 mana.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the spell formula receives some minor adjustments within the next weeks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a very large number for a gem spawner. Unfortunately you can’t rely on it happening, so it’s likely to do more harm than help.

"…and that is when I saw him, a pale Orc armed only with a Puddling to hurl at his opponent’s face. And the young Sirrian, bliinded and unable to remove the oily substance from his eyes, was forced to leave the field in disgrace.

And I thought to myself, there is an Orc I could folllow. There is an Orc I could call Warboss."

Excerpt from Chunky Mono’s Plagiarized Paraphrased Works of Tolkien.

Ruin the Orc Hero Class, and I shall have my vengeance. In this game, or the next.


A week of Urskaya is fast approaching; like Grosh-Nak, this is a kingdom doomed to mediocrity, it seems. Our two new troops, Black Bjorn (what a waste of a perfectly good umlaut!) and Possessed Urska, are as average as can be. I could’ve sworn we already had a Possessed Urska who exploded a single gem, but no, that one was corrupted, not possessed. Nothing to see here.

Possessed Urska will slow the scorp/eury team down with its resummon lol

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So a nerf to posion D12 teams, without outright being a “Here’s an immunity have fun wasting time” :confused:

some small update… and tobern still thirsts for a new legendary trait

Sin of Maraj
Broker of Greed spend all your gold to buff a random skill of a random ally… strong but gambling.
Envoy of Pride is another typical godslayer.

Sword’s Edge
Knight Captain is a supporter with a defensive skill effective against knight allies.
Sir Quentin Hadley is a double converter (Purple Gems to Yellow and Green Gems to Skulls) and his legendary trait give knight allies half start!

Next faction after Lyrasza’s lair called Deep Hive… no further data atm, i guess it’s linked to Drifting Sands.


Im still waiting for the next non-cosmetic, non-faction pet. I wonder how many people actually have every cosmetic pet at mythic still, because lol.

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Have we learned what a Madness storm is yet? Does it jumble the board each turn? Does it change colour every turn? Is it in the rotation of random storms for the talent tree?

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EDIT: OK disregard what I previously wrote.

Based on data mining, people in the GoW Discord are speculating Madness Storm is a blue+purple storm.

a 2 color storm? i wonder how that works

My completely unsubstantiated guess? Poorly.


In favor of the AI.


The description of a doomed hammer was changed to “create a double coloured (green+blue) Storm…”
So I guess there will be some new double storms being introduced in near future…

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If they’re making double-colored storms (which I am honestly not excited about, unless there’s a buff alongside it you’ll be creating mixes of colors instead of blobs. Part of the reason why the double-colored Trolls aren’t used)

If it is a double-colored storm, Madness Storm corresponds to Blue/Purple. I don’t know why they wouldn’t make the names correspond with the traitstone colors (so the panda should create a Spiritstorm, the Hammer a Swampstorm, etc.).


I’d like them to release the Green and Brown permastorm before they move onto these double color storms…


Looks like the next faction after Lyrasza’s Lair will be The Deep Hive (bound very possibly to Drifting Sands). Planned date of coming is Mar 27.