(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

I can see me finally having enough of the crap design and skipping the grind to 2500. Just being content with the rewards and not caring about max renown until it doesn’t cost me max depression to get it.
For those who can grind against all the odds with the deck increasingly working against without losing your mind from it…I salute you.

TL:DR I feel like the Faction Designer has decided to keep increasing the difficulty to see how long before we break.
Well the next Factions current design is my Faction breaking point.


I think its 2xdememticore, troll, lyraza or whatever … faction looks horrific though

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that’s what I’m going to be trying first

On the positive side, the Hound does inflict Death Mark on skull hits so that’s at least something. Plus Lyrasza being so weak means your faction opponent is also weaker than normal. But yeah, there’s too much randomness plus all the troops are pretty squishy. I’ll probably try a 4 chaos hound team just for laughs. Then a multiple Dementicore team if that one doesn’t work.

BTW, do you think there is anything they can do program-wise to make two color storms or two mana troll generators better?

So I usually tell my friends that the quality of the troops has been declining for a long time. Remember the late The Dragon Soul (before nerf) with a 25% chance of resurrecting? Now the poor thing revives like a Baby Dragon that eventually “goes back to the egg” (turns into a Dragon Egg, totally meaningless effect and never corrected).

Emperor Khorvash (a very old legendary) has a powerful effect causing direct damage to life, draining mana and stunning (without the thing of randomly choosing one of the actions, he does EVERYTHING that he says in the description!) On the TWO first enemies! A real destroyer of tankers.
I’m not even going to name them all, but Divinia, Yao Guai, Krystenax, Divine Ishbala, Glaycion, Kraken, Gorgotha ​​(who never used him as a tanker on any team?) Are legendary that compete with the power of some myths. Why not maintain this quality of legendary troops, at least?
On the other hand, I see a new generation of legendaries (not to mention troops from smaller ranks) that just seem to be there just to fill the collection, they are troops that you will use at most ONCE and forget about them later.

About a year ago I thought the most disposable troops in the game were the Siegebreakers and Godslayers, who served for a single event and then fell by the wayside for their useless skill. I currently see more than thirty troops in this same style, but they are faction troops.

Ironically (and innocently) when the factions arrived, I thought they would bring in powerful troops to add power to the teams in the related kingdom. Pure mistake on my part.

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There definitely are some useful faction legendaries but I agree that most of them are mediocre. They could make them stronger but the problem is you’re also going to make the opposing faction team stronger too. It’s a catch 22 really.

For 2 color trolls, probably along the lines of make one color, match gems, then make another color. Storms, would have to see how it plays before making a judgment.

Sadly, Dementicore is Impervious and you’ll see it 3 times in the first and last room. (Dementicore, Dementicore, Crazed Troll, Chaos Hound and Dementicore, Crazed Troll, Chaos Hound, Lyrasza).

Its enough to deter me, but maybe it might work for you.

I have been very reserved in this regard so far, but - upcoming faction really looks (in current form) like it’s made up by a bunch of jackdonekys.

As I said earlier, I use all Trolls that double a mana color, but none that generate two colors. The first type works miracles, the second creates many gems scattered around the board, often leaving extra turns that the enemy does not hesitate to use to destroy us.

If we compare this second type of Troll with other mana generators, I prefer generator type “Green Slime” type that creates 5 green gems and then turns all green into purple.

In the example, at least in this case, when I use it, I know that it will create a color (green), but it will eliminate it afterwards, generating more of the color I expect (purple).

Regarding the Two Color Storms (Madness Storm, I believe), I will never use it, I trust the standard Storms that will generate the color I want only (one of the reasons I love the Jar of Eyes weapon).

Of course we will have to check it out first, but I think this new Storm will fall into the same strategic flaw as the Trolls. During an explosion (with Gorgotha or The Dragon Soul, for example) two colors of gems scattered on the board may fall, with a high probability of leaving extra turns for the enemy to use against us next. So I rely more on controlling a color of gems on the board.


I don’t deny that I like Gems a lot. I spend some time of the day in the game (much less than I did a few years ago). Current troops are very disappointing. I keep an eye on Tarans and for every 10 troops, 1 seems to be promising and that is very sad.

Even so, I do not say that I will stop playing, I still want (in fact, I hope) to see a rework of ARENA that makes it more attractive (I have not played in this minigame for about 3 years) and a rework in the Treasure Hunt, to I use my 10k of accumulated maps.

My biggest anxiety is for the future patch 5.0 and I really hope that the news that arrive are good.

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I believe they said they were reworking Arena soon and Treasure Hunt in the later half of this year.

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Let us pray.

Factions are anti-fun. They’ve literally always been anti-fun. There are a couple that don’t have stall and/or RNG mechanics (and are still anti-fun), but everything else is one or both.


The worst thing is that I thought, at first, that it was going to be the opposite. Factions should add useful and dockable troops to other teams in the kingdom, in short, add content to the kingdom.
Unfortunately, what happens is the opposite, they are troops that many of us use forced upon launch, hoping that the three days of the event will end soon and we will never need to use them again.
I think the amount of disposable troops the factions have had so far is a waste. There is no way to be fun with bad troops that seem to be being placed on the teams without any purpose (for me, most faction teams don’t make any sense).
Who knows if the future faction troops will be better? (I can’t believe I’m saying this) …

In time, it is just a daydream of mine, but when I saw that the kingdoms would have a mythical second, I found it very simple and repetitive to learn that they would come in the chests like everyone else. In my opinion, the second mythical of each kingdom, should belong to the faction of the kingdom and be obtained in some special but accessible way. One possibility would be to even exchange them for treasures (since it is an item that we have accumulated after a while) or any other item collected in the portals or battles of the Delves. Oh, sure, good myths, on an Obsidius+ level
Well, that’s just me fantasizing about things that will never happen.

These next faction troops should do a guaranteed spell and THEN do either 1 of the 2 other things.

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I’ll take “Troops that were designed by a bot” for $1000.

They simply need to gain an extra turn, except the troll…give the player a chance to deal the mess they’ve just made


For what its worth, I think the Barbarian hero class is no longer the worst hero class. However, its extremely limited in its practical application.

Its a red gem heavy skull bashing glass cannon hero. How many places can I use that? no idea.

This issue came up on the stream, and in response Salty said a most curious phrase. She agreed about the glass cannon-ness of the unit and then said “at this current time”. I have no idea is this was just a Salty-ism under the stress of the moment, a Freudian slip, or she was intentionally cheeky teasing that somewhere not that far down the road, castable mitigation buffs may be in the cards? If so, that could potentially resolve a lot of squishiness issues for a lot of glass cannon hero(ine) classes.

Also, Salty did say tonight that there would be a new event type in 4.8, but would not clarify any further on what that might be.

And, Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, WMD’s were in Iraq, and Werewoods Faction is aligned with Maugrim Woods. It’s not that I’m skeptical. I’m just from Missouri, so ya gotta show me.