(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Hello, guys, good night.
I’ve been reading the recent posts and I think the following about the Invasion, the event will continue and we will have new invasions with troops from classes that have been used in previous invasions.
The only difference will be that a kingdom will not win a second invasion troop (Siegebreaker), that is, if we have a new invasion with Goblins, the troop will be from another kingdom and not from Zaejin, as it was in the previous one. It is worth remembering that we have a Goblin outside the kingdom of Zaejin and no type of troops is exclusive to a particular kingdom in Krystara.

On the other hand, I’ve been thinking about hero classes. We are about to have 34 classes, that is, one for each kingdom. I believe that, just as they did with the mythicals, where each kingdom is gaining a second troop of this type, each kingdom will also gain a second class.
I just hope it is not on the same system as the current ones. Honestly, Gems suffers from repetition. It is past time to see new things in these media. I hope that the new classes can be improved in some new way, not just fighting normally anywhere, like in the current ones. I hope to see some new idea, like what happened with the level of lvl11 to 15 in the kingdoms, which is not just filling with gold.

But from what we have seen recently, I believe that we will see new classes with the same system as the old ones, which is easier than creating something new. I hope I’m wrong.

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They were pretty apprehensive about new classes in one of the last few dev streams, they seemed pretty confident that once these last three come out, that’s it. He specifically said he DOES NOT want to have to come up with another 34 classes.

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Yeah, chances are they are going to add some sort of new system or feature to existing classes rather than creating a ton of new ones. I think they spoke about something like it in one of the previous streams.

BTW, what troop types are usually assigned to insect-like troops in this game? I don’t think we have a specific insect type and the faction after Lyrasza’s Lair looks like it’s composed entirely of bugs based on the spoiler names.

A while ago, last year, I suggested a mount system. It would be a kind of support troops for the hero. And honestly, I think that in a game where we see heroes, kings, queens, princesses, dragons, knights, wizards, orcs, goblins and undead, mounts would fit perfectly. It does not mean that the hero needs mounts to get around in the game, it would just be an addition to the culture that the game already has and a support for it.
But … I will certainly never see anything like this.
I definitely hope that the kingdoms will gain some new hero support feature than new classes or even more features for existing classes. As I said, Gems is suffering from repetition, what we need is something new (I don’t even talk about my anxiety for Update 5.0).

I think insects tend to be a mix of monsters and beasts.

So for some reason on Taransworld, the next three classes have the colors messed up for the weapons and class bonus color. For instance, Barbarian Bonus color is listed as Brown, but Orc King’s Club says it is Red. Monk has bonus Brown, but Spiked Manriki is Yellow. Doomsayer bonus is Red, and Sins’ Harvest is Purple.

Speaking of Sins’ Harvest… Doomed Scythe does Magic+3+Tempering Level damage to all enemies, then converts yellow to doomskulls, and a few more bonuses. Sins’ Harvest, the Doomsayer class weapon: Deal [(Magic / 2) + 1] damage to all Enemies. Convert Yellow to Doomskulls.

Boy I hope they change that…

Doubt they’ll change it. The Doom weapons are expensive to craft and you’ve gotta wait for the right kingdom to show up for the event that week, and have the Doom scrolls to level it up. A class weapon is accessible to everyone at anytime, and uses the same Mythic stones that any other class weapon uses.

It’s fine as is.

Huh. Okay, so watching Salty’s stream just now (well, this was closer to the beginning of the stream), someone brought up hero traits and talents, but the phrasing used made it seem like they just wanted the terminology across heroes and troops fixed to clear up confusion. Salty said it was something the Devs are aware of, and have actually been working on for several months, but it still needs more work because of the scale of the task and the localization required behind it.

I just had the stream on my phone while playing the game online, but this piqued my interest, so I specifically asked for clarification if she was referring to a terminology pass or an actual mechanics balance pass across all hero traits and talents, and Salty directly responded to my name that it was indeed the latter.

So, even if it’s still aways away (fuck, even if it takes til 5.0), I’m quite pleased that this is something they’re working on. Even if it’s not everything we’re hoping for, any change at all to lackluster troops like Knight and Deathknight will be appreciated
(Gonna cross post this in @Shimrra 's awesome class analysis thread in the Feature Requests subforum)


Sorry to correct you Killbrew, I must have misinterpreted your question. It is a text pass, not a balance pass. With so many people talking to me at once it can be a little confusing.


Aaaargh, you’re breaking my heart :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:
lol and I just went back and rewatched that section of the stream to make sure I wasn’t mistaken :joy:

I look at the last spoilers and think: do I need to make a separate thread, or just leave it here?

  1. Knight Captain (from Sword’s Edge, must come Feb 10) - her spell is “Rally Troops!” But we already have Sir Gwayne with “Rally the Troops” spell. Knights have very limited vocabulary or what?.. And Knight Captain’s spell gives some armor and barriers a troop - but Man-at-Arms does almost the same, and even more (gives armor and attack, and barriers as well). Do we need this useless captain? Or maybe she needs some redesign?

  2. Malcandessa (from Zhul’Kari, must come Feb 17) - her spell is “Malicious spell”. Really? A spell with “spell” word? Why not something like “Pure Malice”? I also hope we won’t see a troop named “Elf Troop” ever.


This makes me happy :smiley:

It’s probably a placeholder, just like the Orc Invasion event weapon is currently called “Orc Invasion”. The final name should eventually show up.

  1. When it comes to Knight Captain, we’re talking about a company that’s okay with Nimue and Alderfather existing with the exact same mana color, mana cost, and primary spell effect. Nimue: Transform Yellow Gems to Skulls and Red Gems to Purple. Silence the 2 strongest enemies. Alderfather: Transform Red Gems to Purple and Yellow to Skulls. Summon a Treant or Green Golem

So, when dealing with an ultra-rare troop, different color troops with similar effects are completely unique in their eyes.

Some (most) weeks are just going to have throwaway troops sadly.

Look at Child of Summer, we’re on track to get another Empowered green troop that transform Brown Gems to Red…


One thing I miss about Gems are special events that keep us in the game for reasons other than simply collecting resources for the guild and fulfilling guild events.

From the beginning of the year until this moment, in two other games that I play, New Year’s events are happening. Both events in both games will end later this month.

How do these events work? In the classic way, with a series of daily tasks where the player accumulates chips that, at the end of the event, can exchange for rewards.
The rewards? Exclusive characters and skins, things we will not be able to acquire for the rest of the year (and perhaps never), in addition to enhancement features in the game itself.

In Gems of War the only event similar to that I see are Cosmetic Pets, which arrive and stay in a 24-hour period on a Wednesday to be rescued.

Personally I would love for us to have an event at the beginning of the year offering as a reward troops that would not be acquired in the game after the event (in any type of chest, at least until the following year - and I mean really good troops, that were worth the time invested to get them ) or new skins for the hero (it’s past time to have new skins for the hero, even if they are only cosmetics for the portrait, after all, the hero is a key part of the teams, present 99% of the time in them).

Instead, year after year, we have the same weekly events as ever and as much as we connect to play, something different would attract attention.

Understand, I am not saying that the events that we already have should be removed. We would continue with the events that already exist and we would have limited time events just to add more content and fun to the game.

If we had something like that, maybe the time I invest in other games would be just in Gems, working on those achievements.

Just to mention, these events could be like the old weekly tasks, things like:

  • Defeat 1000 enemies (of different color and class);
  • Defeat 750 enemies (of specific color or class);
    Or even more specific:
  • Win 500 battles in Explore;
  • Win 500 battles in PvP;
    The rewards could come in many forms such as hero skins, exclusive weapons, exclusive pets, exclusive troops and resources used in the game. As in the old weekly tasks, for each amount of points acquired in the event, a reward would be released. Using the first example mentioned, when defeating 100 enemies the player could gain resources such as gold and souls, when defeating 500 enemies, a new troop and when defeating 1000 enemies a hero skin, Pet or exclusive weapon.

I know I dream too much, but dreaming is necessary, isn’t it?


For ToD week we’re getting Tuliao, a support troop who enchants and gives mana without affecting the board. While I’m all for new types of troops and applaud the devs for trying something different, it’s hard for me to see how this troop would be effective at high levels. Why would I give a team slot to Tuliao, when I could use a troop that controls the board (giving me a chance at extra turn+mana) or does damage itself (actually bringing me closer to winning)?

8+ mana (6 + enchant + boost ratio) in one turn to potentially multiple troops is nothing to scoff at. Even funnier would be if it applies the mana to itself after the cast. (green or yellow targeted). For a low 13 mana cost (and it can have a 50% start with Avelorn), that’s quite a steal.

I already use the hero’s Dawnstone for a similar effect to only one troop, so this is something I could probably put to good use.

I could actually see 2 of these on one team do some stupidly funny things for players.


Hello people. How are you?
Sorry for the sincerity, but I must admit my deep discontent with the faction troops. Considering that they are troops from a subdivision of the kingdoms, I expected them to be at least a little better developed and useful.

Hardly any faction will disappoint me as much when Werewoods (both for the meaningless names in the troops, with the misused use of the expression “were” and for the bad skills), but in general, most of the troops of this type dislike me, except rare exceptions like King Gobtruffle or The Deep King.

The troops of the next faction, Lyrasza’s Lair, don’t cheer me up any more than the last ones. Understand my frustrations.

  • Chaos Hound (rare): Create 7 - 10 Skulls, OR Create 6 - 8 Doomskulls, OR Summon a Chaos Hound.
    The first two options are acceptable. Being a skull generator, it could be perfectly fitted to any physical attack team, but the latter option makes it a risk for a good strategy, especially if the team has 4 troops and it has nowhere to summon a copy of itself. If the third option of the skill is selected under these conditions, we can say that the mana and turn have been wasted. In short, I will never use this troop in any team, except, perhaps, on the day of the faction’s arrival.

  • Crazed Troll (epic): Create a mix of Blue and Purple Gems equal to the current Blue and Purple Gems on the Board. [1: 1]
    This is a matter of the player’s taste. I don’t like any troll that creates two colors of gems. The chances of creating gems spread over the board and leaving combinations of gems with extra turn for enemies is great. I prefer trolls that fold a specific gem color.

  • Dementicore (ultra rare): Drain all Mana from an Enemy, OR Steal [Magic + 1] Attack from an Enemy, OR Silence an Enemy.
    I must admit that this creature’s three attack options are good, but how can I use it in a team and define a strategy without knowing what it will do? There are several troops that steal attack, mana or silence the enemy that we can trust when using the skill, so why use one that will do something that we have no control over? Another troop that could have potential, but only serves to fill the collection.

  • Lyrasza (legendary): Deal [Magic + 3] damage to all Enemies, OR Jumble the Board and gain a extra turn, OR Explode 5 Gems.
    Come on … Do damage to all enemies? OK. Shuffle the gems on the board and win an extra turn? Not quite what I expect from a legendary troop, but … OK. Blow up 5 gems? Only that? Divinia humiliates this legendary troop with her skill. It fills ALL allies with life and explodes many more gems without having to choose randomly between one or the other option. Not to mention several other better legends.
    Talking about the Madness Storm trait, I believe it is the Storm with two colors of mana that was mentioned in the most recent patch. Well, this is one more reason to ignore this troop, as I don’t trust random Storms. I like to have control over my actions.

In short, these are troops that, at most, I will use on the day the new faction arrives, to gain some renown and then I will leave them in the limbo of oblivion.
It saddens and disappoints me. I would like troops that could be used on other teams later, that are not just another random troop for the collection, but this is an evil that haunts the factions from the beginning, unfortunately.


Don’t worry, you’re not alone. this next faction’s troops are pretty undesirable to play with.

The design choice is weird as you’d think if there’s a 1 in 3 random effects, the effects would be stronger than normal (think like Dandylion), but here all 3 effects are weaker than normal.

Chaos Hound: 7-10 skull = backfire, 6-8 doomskulls = backfire, or summon itself, the least useful troop here

Dementicore: 2 out of 3 chance to stall the opponent, but for some reason only has Magic + 1 for its steal attack spell.

Lyrasza: Deal [Magic + 3] damage to all Enemies = weak and no boost ratio, Jumble the Board and gain a extra turn = 16 mana for a 7 mana War Sphinx effect, what the heck?, and Explode 5 Gems… for 16 mana. All 3 of Lyrasza’s effects are super weak, why would anyone actually want to use her if she doesnt actually do anything useful?


So the only maybe viable pure faction team is 4 Chaos Hounds plus a lot of luck with skulls and summoning whenever you need either. I can already see me yelling at my mobile again.

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