(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

What changed? The traits aren’t great, but the talents are solid. It has root trap, so it’s not totally defenseless up front (unlike, say, Diabolist or Warlord). It looks destined to be a middling class, not really worth using over the good classes, but not one of the worst either.

nothing at all. just the 3 attack per red gem builds up rather quickly under the right circumstances. like more than I expected.

I still think the class could use something better than the 2nd trait dodge, but I doubt I’ll ever see it.

No doubt. Dodge is one of those abilities I feel like the devs think is better than it actually is (see, e.g., The Warrens, where all the troops were given dodge, and nobody has any real skull protection except Lapina Knight’s 25% armored trait).

Orc Cunning or even Orc Armor would’ve been a more interesting trait than Dodge.

I was hoping for a combination of Orc Fury, Orc Armor and Orc Cunning as third trait.

Looks like version 4.8 must be issued before Feb 17 - event spoilers show different events: “Invasion” with Sifu Yuan in Shentang (Weekly Events spoilers from Feb 17 to Feb 23), but something unknown in Zhul’Kari (Troop Spoilers for Feb 17). Will it be just Tower of Doom, skipping Invasion?..

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Lets wait for the 4.8 update preview stream, Saltys Stream Preview also needs an Update sooooon…

Sounds like a bigger update, if the event schedule gets its first Update since October 2018 (-> 4.1 ToD Release).

I thought new events was coming with the large update. This could be the big one :heart_eyes:

Thats what we “know”, also not much about 4.8

4.8 is being kept very close to the vest at the moment.

All that Salty has confirmed so far is that there is a new event type in 4.8. Given the 5.0 is likely the next major update after that, it doesn’t make sense for this new event type to be third-map new-feature dependent. Further, it doesn’t make sense either that an entirely new event type is going to be created from complete scratch, given that is what will surely happen with 5.0. Therefore, the new event must be related to existing content currently in-game.

If I had to place my poker chips right now on this, the only possible game mode that meets these criteria that hasn’t already been reworked would be the Arena revamp, with perhaps some kind of tournament mode being the new weekly event.


Arena is one of the older code sections of the game, I don’t think they can do much to it without a complete re-write.

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I sincerely hope you are right in your deductions.
If I may say so, I always dreamed of this, that the Arena was a Tournament Mode with 16 participants distributed in elimination keys until only 2 remain for the final. That way, one player would not fight with all the others to reach the end and in the case of the losers, they could already leave and enter a new tournament.

Obviously, I’m just speculating what I dream, but for me, anything you do with the Arena that allows us to use the hero WITH a chosen class, epic, legendary and mythical troops and ALL with their traits, is already welcome.

I haven’t fought in the Arena for almost three years, as the limitation allowed makes battles very boring .

I fully agree.

What do you mean “third-map new-feature dependent”. Are we talking about a new map besides Krystara and Underworld?

Yes. It’s presumed to be a thing in 5.0.

Probably some kind of Overworld :man_shrugging:


You’ll need to keep in mind the golden rule for the devs to invest resources in a significant new game feature. For something to be developed that takes more than a trivial amount of developer time and resources, that thing has to be monetizable to recoup at least its investment and a reasonable return on that investment.

How would an elimination mode tournament be monetized? The only way I can think of is to require buy-ins to access the event. However, that defies the definition of free-to-play. There’s no event in the game, where gems are spent, that requires players to spend to even access the event. All of the spending is done inside of each event. So, I don’t believe that an elimination system would work in the context of GoW.

The million gold question would be just what exactly in-event monetization would look like for a GoW tournament-like mode.

I don’t personally see why that would be an issue with any Arena revamp. As long as this doesn’t conflict with whatever monetization design the devs come up with, that shouldn’t be a problem. That said, the tournaments could also have different event rules per week, and could use limitations on various game features (a la Final Fantasy Tactics rules and bans, like “No Generators” [hey, another use for class Roles]) to keep things interesting.

new spoilers:

  1. They lowered Mother of Darkness to the point of mediocrity. Oh well.


Spell Description: Deal [Magic + 4] true damage to an Enemy and the Enemy below them, boosted by Purple Gems. If an Enemy dies, create 12 Purple Gems. Otherwise summon 2 Sisters of Shadows. [10x]

Spell Cost: 22


Spell Description: Deal [Magic + 4] true damage to an Enemy and the Enemy below them, boosted by Purple Gems. If an Enemy dies, create 12 Purple Gems. Otherwise summon 2 Sisters of Shadows. [1:1]

Spell Cost: 24

I’d rather use Queen of Sin at a 20 mana cost, and I don’t want to use Queen of Sin.

  1. Will of Nysha: https://www.taransworld.com/Spoilers/Troops/Troop_K26_14_english.png

Steal 3 Magic from all Enemies, then deal [(Magic / 2) + 1] damage to them.

Trait #3: Essence of Magic
All Purple Allies gain 1 to all Stats at the start of each turn.

Spell Cost: 24

Magic/2 kills this for me. Makes that 3rd trait only do anything every other turn. Meh.

  1. Depth of Sins looks to be after The Deep Hive. The Depth of Sins weapon appears to be from Sin of Maraj.

This is relevant since the Sin of Maraj pet releases this Wednesday.


I think mother of darkness was nerfed too much. A 2x to 4x would have been fine as anything higher would make it too good. If they added a bonus to deal double damage to bleeding enemies or at least boosted like bloodwood, it could have been good.

I’m simply disappointed with the Will of Nysha. A boring aoe with bad scaling damage. It could have dealt magic plus 1 damage then stole the magic. Having purple heart annoys me. It could have easily been warded or even mana shield. It’s easily the worst both in its other traits and spell.

Neither are Zorn bad, but both need some changes.

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Really. But I think that if the idea is to attract more players and have a good repercussion, an event like I mentioned would not be a problem. It would just be a faster event.
Challenges and Explore have become much more complex and challenging and do not require money to play.
A well-designed event attracts more members interested in becoming a VIP than an event with its own store for internal expenses (such as Invasions, Raid Boss and ToD).
I think we can leave stores monetized at these events and maybe for a new event in the future Update 5.0

In fact, we will only find out when the event arrives and the best we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best.
To be honest, I liked the rework at Challenge and Explore, so I confess that I am optimistic about the new Arena. And I also continue to cheer for a thorough rework in the Treasure Hunt and Dungeons.

Spoiler update, but killer for Zhul Kari still missing :thinking:

A friend of mine and I talking, we have already traveled on ideas thinking about something like that. We imagined a map called Celestial where there would be factions linked to the kingdoms of Krystara, but opposed to the factions of the Underworld.
The troops of these Celestial factions would do twice as much damage to the Underworld troops (making them perfect for novice players to advance on the Underworld Delves) and the Underworld troops would do twice as much damage to the Celestial troops (creating some use for the horrible troops of faction we have so far).
Of course, we know it’s not like that, but dreaming is free.