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The AW situation offends me from a textual interpretation perspective.

(Note that in quoting Lyrian, I’m really just quoting the PQ3 post.)

This is a neat way of describing Mythic exclusivity, but it’s still just not quite correct or what’s been described/communicated in-game, in guides, or historically.

  1. Mythic troops are not exclusive to “chests”, as stated – they are exclusive to the specific chests listed in-game and on forum release posts (pre-ninja edit/the end of that exclusivity period) – Glory, Gem, Guild and VIP.

  2. The whole, “if you get a Mythic troop from a chest, and the new troop is available from that chest, you WILL always receive that troop” isn’t something I’ve seen written anywhere

This is just not true.

  1. The Mythic was deemed exclusive to Glory, Gem, Guild and VIP chests, which was apparently missing the inclusion of Event Chests:

  1. So how do we know what Event Chests contain? We click on the general help article for Event Chests, or we read the text below the Event Key button.



What does it tell us they contain? What they normally do. Troops from the weekly Event Kingdom, including the new Mythic, as many have pointed out from this article:

So basically what Snooj said.

The dev team are even aware that some players like to use Event Keys to target particular Mythics:

Even if it was admitted that it might have been unclear (which I think it pretty much was?), I’d be taking any players who have spoken up this far at their word, and saying, “Sorry for the misunderstanding. You’re right, that wasn’t clear. We can roll back all rewards from your Event Key purchases in that period, or we can re-roll each Mythic troop you received to include Arachnean Weaver as a 50-50 possibility/trade any copies of Archproxy Yvendra you received from Event Chests for Arachnean Weaver. What would you like?”

Historical mentions of Mythic exclusivity:

Also just love this:

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Oh and a thoughtful reminder:

Unable to find what these referred to:

These are the closest mentions to what was hinted at that I could find:

  • This could potentially imply what was claimed, but:
    • This describes a vague, “current plan”, rather than any kind of official announcement in contrast to…
    • Later posts by Nim and Sirrian, incl. the one at the top of this section, are clearer and repeat the, “exclusive to Glory, Gem, Guild and VIP chests” line, with Event Chests containing “whatever Mythics might be in the event kingdom”
    • This didn’t seem to be in response to any requests from players, although 1-2 did say, “oh that sounds cool!”
    • The context of this is after the very first, 4 Horsemen Mythics, none of whom belonged to an Event-possible Kingdom. There is 0% chance they’d be in Event Keys, so for the next Mythic that was released, there would be no need to clarify that Event Keys would contain their usual Kingdom Mythics.

I’m just not seeing the quoted description of Mythic exclusivity from the PQ3 forum post anywhere, and am seeing later (and therefore one can assume more current and up-to-date) posts and clarifications that state or imply the opposite with regards to Event Chests.


Google suggests the Arachnean Waver info was added roughly a day into the event. Too late to help those who spent on the first day, and no word about it in the chest rules the help button of the chest screen links to.

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can we get some clarification on if weaver is in the crafting table for a couple of weeks or 1?

They edited the title AFTER it could help out players…??? Dear gosh…


Working as intended after the fifth time around. :joy:


There isn’t a proper topic for this issue. The one you have merged with is an out of date event topic that most people won’t bother reading anymore. I didn’t even see your post about AW in the soulforge until my guild leader posted it on our Discord and I hunted around to find the original comment.

The topic related to this issue would have been the offical news post announcing the new mythic posted on the day of her release but most official news isn’t even posted on here anymore. Really there should have been a official news post on that Friday saying she is the only mythic in chests for the next week and only mythic in event chests from Monday to Friday of the next week instead of sneakily editing a random topic to try and cover your (the devs) ass after all the complaints.


A suggestion for the official thread name: Weavergate
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Super super shady.

And not at all what a culpably guilty entity would do :roll_eyes: /s

EDIT to say it might be prudent to screenshot all the zendesk documentation before it’s ninja-edited, too.

They can delete posts. But posts can be eternal if we have the proof stored in places they can’t touch, like our own harddrives.

And if posting the truth somehow breaks the community guidelines and catches someone a forum ban, well — won’t that be a good look, huh?


I wouldn’t even care about a ban now. This place really went downhill after Sirrian and Nimhain left.

Salty was great and I like the other devs but it isn’t the same anymore.

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Shady shady shady shady shady shady shadyyyyyyyy…

There is no appropriate place for such a topic because there is no appropriate place for such a problem. Devs made the second one, gotta deal with the first one!


Google cache to the rescue! Using:


Shows no mention about the event chest at all. Mmmm ninja edits.

My own ninja edit: The devs updating their post is fine imo. I only posted this so no one can claim the post always mentioned Weaver.


The AW discussion deserves to be everywhere ; it deserves an ongoing messy discussion because the compensation decision isn’t fair; and smacks of an actual lack of respect for the player base; so it will be posted everywhere; it messy; its a suitable response to post it everywhere because it remains your messy issue. Its your current Augean Stables; clean it up properly.


I find it super weird to edit it after the fact, tbh :sweat_smile:. Definitely feel the ‘super shady’ comments or that it rubs the wrong way. Like NerdieBirdie said,

Seriously. If it was apparently as clear as it needed to be, and no compensation is needed – why?

Edit: I guess maybe for next time, as a precedent? But still, weird.


True. The edit should have been transparent that it was an edit.

Changing the docs sooner rather than later is always good. Looks like the post was updated by Tues (I can’t get an exact time), so at least it was helpful for anyone checking the forums starting then.

It absolutely does not help anyone who already rolled, or anyone who saw the post pre change and rolled later, or anyone who doesnt visit the forums and shouldn’t have to because this info should be in game anyway.

Everyone who rolled Monday to Fri needs to be compensated.


So I guess “our final response” was before you realised that the community wouldn’t let this go. Also trying to Edit your old posts so they now - a couple of weeks after, fit what you intended is really making it look like a cover up.
Also stop saying all was working as intended - that is not the issue and you know it. Trying to use politician method to talk around the problem, trying to stear the attention away from the fact that you did not COMMUNICATE that Yvendra was exclusive to event chests too.

Please no one should go personally after Kafka or Jeto or Omniusman. They post as they are told, and isn’t a personal statement from them. So be angry, and disappointed at 505 or Ip2, but do not go after the man/woman posting for the company.


Yet another batch of posts, mine included, got moved out of the current thread to be buried in this one :roll_eyes:


Same with one of mine. Weird since not all were moved.

I suspect that important person’s are following this thread and this thread a lone. So Kafka is doing what she can to catch all important feedback in her eyes (knowing most will fall through the cracks) and consolidating it here.

I really doubt it’s “to bury” anyone’s thoughts. They can (and have) deleted or edited posts before. So if they wanted to censor thoughts. They easily could.


True! On one hand, just one thread for the almighty is good for them. On the other hand, conversation should occur everywhere to be seen by everyone, namely the player base.

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Sheesh. Having my comment moved actually feels really bad.

Relative to all the other nonsense. Everything is relative.