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@Jeto Safe to assume now it’ll be the only Legendary rarity troop found in event chests this week?
I mean that’s how Mythic Rarity troops work right upon release?
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Strange that legendary troops haven’t the past 3 years.


I’ve moved all the discussion about the Arachnaean Weaver in Event Chests to the forum topic related to that issue:

Although I understand wanting to be tidy, the Arachnean Weaver topic is a serious issue so it will pop up in other threads until it is resolved. It ensures

  1. this topic isnt forgotten about, and

  2. for others to learn about if they ignore a now old thread but see these new ones. Not everyone knows that when they rolled for Arachnean Weaver, he wasnt available.


Is that what it was? It seemed like the issue got buried into some event thread, instead something adequately titled after the actual issue… not to mention the lovely edit:

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I’m going to assume that every statement in the opening post is a lie, that seems safer than assuming that any of them are true.

There sort of is, feel free to contribute here and forward the link to interested parties.

I’ll keep updating the summary.


Okay, once again… I just spent some 6000 glory to get the new epic troop to mythic, only to find out there is a new legendary troop from event chests. Well, wait, how do I know that? Because this is what it looks like in game:


I only know about the new troop in game because…


and when I click on the top one and show Unowned, I see Vidarr the Vast. So then I go to the News section in game and I see:

and yet, go back to the first image…

“A chance to win the latest releases: Baldr or Stormheim Troops”

  • Baldr is a Stormheim troop, so the reasoning for showing him means nothing. You can buy him with glory, he’s not exclusive to the chests.
  • It would make more sense to show the Legendary troop, Vidarr the Vast, because you can’t buy him with glory, he’s exclusive to the event chests
  • Alternatively you could easily show both Baldr and Vidarr – you’ve done it before where you have one behind the other.

It’s confusing because when you say “Baldr or Stormheim Troops,” it ignores the fact that Baldr IS a Stormheim troop, so he’s already part of that other set. Is there a higher drop rate for Baldr or something? Like, it doesn’t make any sense to say “Baldr OR Stormheim troops.” And the people who already spent glory on Baldr who now want the new legendary are forced to double dip. I didn’t need to buy enough copies to get him to mythic, because now I’ll have all these extra copies of Baldr from trying to get the new legendary.

Just annoyed. Sloppy implementation. Oh, let’s see how long it takes for me to get these new troops…

okay, 50 event keys, here are the legendary and epic troops I got:

Another 50:

Another 50:

So after 150 event keys, I’ve gotten 1 copy of Vidarr the Vast, the new troop, 4 copies of Hyndla Frostcrown, another legendary, and 5 copies of the new Epic Baldr – that’s 2000 glory FYI, @ 400 glory per copy, that I didn’t need to spend.


I like the all caps on event keys :rofl:

And then the ‘To battle!’ and it sends you to event chests, as if its a warzone now. But the Baldr one is ‘Get rewards’


It’s probably not intended, they also always forget to exclude new craft-only mythics from the legendary task pool. They fix it whenever a guild reports it, and replace the troop in question with a different random one.


The devs seem to be ignoring that thread though.

Hasn’t a few guilds gotten new legendary and mythic from LT for years now?

It’s not like they’ve answered, or even acknowledged, any of the open questions in the other threads.

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Yes, it’s actually somwhat common. There was some fiasco last year where they tried to take away the mythic troop received and replace it with 2 VIP keys, even when you had happened to pull that mythic as guaranteed one from your Path of Growth. It wasn’t exactly received well. While there still isn’t any proper QA for it, the replacement approach sort of works out for all parties involved, so I guess that’s a fine compromise.

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Probably the only reason they are even responding in the other thread is because it’s pretty hidden away.

Are they still taking them away and replacing them with older legendaries and mythics?

Not sure about legendaries, there haven’t been any reports about those recently. For non-craftable mythics, once a guild reports it they roll up a valid random mythic, replace the received one and correct the loot pool. It’s fair, you get the random mythic you were initially supposed to get, just with a bit of delay.


Maybe the devs thought process here was if we make them mad enough about something else maybe they will forget about wanting compensation for 8 weeks of a broken heroic gem no one wanted in the first place?

I guess technically 10 and counting, since they only fixed the AI getting first turn part of the bug


Sooooo, they’ve added Kratos to Gems Of War, huh? LOL

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I got the legendary from the ToD shop. It is not exclusive to events keys. That is how bad they communicate.