@Nimhain @Sirrian Isn’t this a downgrade of the Summoning Stones? I thought people were posting Legendary and Mythic troops they found with the Summon Stones before? Now we can only get common to epic? :frowning:

Why didn’t you spend your time fixing the crafting Mythics with Diamonds? This would have been a much better use of time. We don’t need more commons!!!

OH, I get it! This is another STEALTH NERF to prevent players from getting any good troops from the Forge!!! Wow! Very sad! :angry:


Yup! Major Screw from Devs! :angry::frowning:


mythic drops


People wanted a way to target commons. Too bad they weren’t more specific on a way that is better than the readily available gold keys. Three copies of a common isn’t enough to make a dent and with the comparative scarcity of Jewels to gold keys, this is not a valid way to get usable quantities of commons for any stage of the game. That is, except for the Guild Wars and Guardian Troops, which are in the pool as of now. Whether or not this is intended is a different matter.


We announced this in the patch notes, so it’s not a really a stealth nerf. We’ve also discussed this previously in a stream a couple of weeks ago.

Players requested an alternative means to target troops of lower rarity, especially commons as they can only be found in gold chests.

Players are still able to target mythics via mythic crafting rotations, and as we’ve said previously we have more improvements to that coming next year.


Very poor response @Nimhain

So, you agree you removed Mythic and Legendary from Summoning Stones and you did it because we wanted Commons?

What about the Pharos Ra Support Group Why didn’t you spend your money making more Mythics available for those who have saved Diamonds for months?



As I see it, Crafting fulfilled the need to get a target mythic. It didn’t fulfill the need to mythic less rare cards. Now it does. That’s not a function that really exists anywhere else in the game, so it’s a positive.

Yes, it’s nice to have a super low chance of getting a mythic. However, you’re only opening a couple per color per week. You were smoking some stuff you need to pass if you ever thought you’d drop a mythic from one.


You can NOT GET A MYTHIC NOW @Delinquent. They removed it. Please read above.



I think you should re-read my point. You were opening 2/week. With a chance somewhere between 1/1,000 and 1/10,000. It was effectively never going to happen given how restricted the jewels are. There’s nothing “major” about it.

If you ask me, they were effectively useless before whereas now they at least serve a clear and much needed purpose.


Nope, I’m not making that point.

The point is Devs removed Legends and Mythics from Summoning Stones in Forge and replaced them with up to 3 commons per week


I argue to disagree about summoning stones being useless before.

At a guaranteed Ultra Rare or higher, I was happily pulling UR troops from opening those stones. I’ve also gotten a good amount of epics, some Legendary, and even a Gard’s Avatar from one.

Sure, its all luck, but even the UR troops were something I liked. I got my first Merlion from a Summon Stone after failing to pull it from Glory chests during Merlantis release day. (Yes, I’m aware I could have waited for the Event week. No, I choose not to in that particular case nor would I take it back.)

It’s being replaced for what. Commons and rares? Its so much easier just to open gold chests, seriously. Ultra Rares? You would have gotten URs and Epics under the old system, even easier really.

Far more people were getting Mythics than 1/1,000 but there isn’t enough test data to physically prove otherwise.


And we still don’t really have that. I need a 50+ Hammerheads but I can not craft them right now and when they are available I have a CHANCE at getting up to 30.

What I would have like to see is dungeons being replayable and giving stones to craft whatever common or rare I wanted.


@Nimhain @Sirrian Please fix this or change it back! Return back to where we can still get Legends and Mythics from Summon Stones Also, Please Fix the Weekly Troops so we get different Mythic troops per day (if random), or allow us to craft any Legend or Mythic otherwise! :slight_smile:

Support the Pharos Ra Support Group! Let us use our Diamonds on Autumnal Imp, etc!



I disagree that this is a nerf.

For the reasons Nim gave.

Many late game players need a way to target lower rarity troops for ascension.

This is a step the right way. However I really feel that crafting should have no RNG involved at all.


Endgame players need better way to target commons? What? If you only use your gold keys when a new kingdom is released you’ll never have a commons problem.

I would have much preferred to have non event kingdoms troops taken out of event chests and be replaced with commons and rares from the event kingdom.


End gamers need to use soulforge to get a random group of commons… LOL… really???

I agree with @Fleg, that is what keys are for. Soulforge should be to forge exact troop you don’t have not have a random chance at a common.



@fleg @Taransworld

So we want different things? And the devs can’t please everyone?

Isn’t life strange…


This is a HUGE nerf to summoning stones. The statistics must have shown that the value was too good. I don’t know any late game player that wouldn’t prefer getting ANY mythic over some needed commons. Commons can be acquired with gold keys that can be bought with gold. Gold is limitless. Summoning stones use crafting materials which are limited.


where is the list of troops in the pool each week ??? i cant find one to target what i need
even though i dont need any

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It isn’t a poor response really. I’m not looking to be combative, but you asked the question and Nimhain answered it.

It wasn’t a “stealth nerf” - it was announced prior to implementation and listed in the patch notes.

I understand your grievances with the decision - it boils down to the removal of a source of legendary and mythic drops, which I assume is what you’re annoyed with?

All the block capitals and emboldened text in the world won’t change that though.

Also, try to remember what it was like to be an early game player. I remember spending weeks/months waiting for a mercy drop. There is now a targeted area of the game where cards like this can be dropped at a given time. Granted, this isn’t a perfect solution, but just like the new weekly troops (which tend to get shot down for being useless end-game), this isn’t necessarily a change/update aimed at end-game players, and in fact makes the game that little bit more accessible to people trying to get into it.


I’d prefer to get fortunate, get a mythic/legendary from a summoning stone and spend 10,000 gold keys to get a few commons I ‘need’.
As opposed to, for the same price, be able to target specific common.

Wasn’t the forge aimed for end game players to get troops they’re missing? Don’t end game players have an unholy amount of gold keys to get commons and rares?

How about, to keep everyone happy, return summoning stones to ultra rare and higher. Introduce a new resource called cracked summoning stones which can give players everything under ultra rare?

Have cracked summoning stones be either easier to gather or only need half the amount of summoning stones given they give you worse cards.


The dungeon isn’t exactly the easiest for early game players.

Mid-level players would probably benefit more from a nice random legendary or mythic pull from the summon stones over a targeted common/rare/ultra rare/epic. If they wanted a targeted ultra rare/epic, that’s what event chests are for. (during the right week)

Summoning stones aren’t common enough to make this current option viable for any sort of targeting for early game players.