Spider Swarm with lower drop rate?


Does anyone else’s Spider Swarm have a lot less than Roc and Quasit? All 3 of them were introduced at the exact same time and drop in the same way, yet my Spider Swarm has a much lower number. I was just curious if this is bad luck or actual drop rate. It could also be that the 2 new kingdoms have a higher drop rate initially.


I have:

40 quasit
42 roc
25 spider swarm

That seems roughly similar to the ratio’s that you have for these 2 troops.

So maybe spider swarm indeed has a lower droprate compared to roc and quasit…


Spider Swarm has a drop chance of "33"
Quasit and Roc have a drop chance of "100"
Actually, most Commons, Rares and Ultra Rares have a drop chance of 100, but so does Venoxia !

I put these between " as the unit is undefined, it’s not a percentage (obviously).
I can’t even get close to figure out how to calculate the drop chance in %age yet, but it does seem odd.

EDIT1 : (my best guess on the drop chance algorithm would be that there are 3 operations, one to define the type of drop (resource, traitstone or troop), another to determine the rarity, and a last one to determine the exact loot. These “drop chance” values written up there would influence that last calculation)

EDIT2 : checked the wrong spider. Giant Spider has a drop chance of “33”.
Spider Swarm? “0”. These definitely can’t be percentages, and I’m really more and more confused as to how the drop chances work ! Can’t wait to find the solution !


Quasit 23
Spider Swarm 40
Roc 38

For me…


I think it’s just luck. For me, Spider Swarm and Quasit are ascended to Legendary with similar numbers working towards Mythic and Roc is behind on Epic (halfway to Legendary).


Roc 32, Spider swarm 23, and quasit 11.


Coincidence. It’s been stated before since the release of 1.0.7 that all troops base rarities have the same chance of dropping as another.

Commons are all equal.
Legendaries are all equal.

No unique drop rates aside from rarities themselves now.


Remember that this is still small scall so if it were to be ramped up to say 100000 gold keys then a comparison be made then we can tell if luck factors the equality.


Based on both the new kingdoms being higher, I assumed that it may have been something like the first week of the new kingdoms had a higher drop rate and then they lowered it to normal to make it easier for people to get the new cards.


That may be the intent, but bugs happen. I think threads like this are still good for data gathering.

There was a bug on the console that was making Broken Spire troops drop more often than troops from other Kingdoms. Many of us walked into our console patch that introduced ascension easily able to Mythic Sheggra and not be anywhere close with most of our other legendary cards.


You right, when someone asked stuff about Emperina’s spell this week, I went in the code and found out a “bug” for Emperina (and Abhorath, didn’t check others, but Zombie might be affected too) that should be corrected next week !

(For anyone wondering what the bug was : Emperina and Abhorath don’t heal to full, but they heal 100HP wich used to be the maximum HP many moons ago, it didn’t get augmented to 1000, wich is the current maximum)


I experienced this for the last several kingdoms (distinct memories of getting tons of Maugrim Woods troops when it was released) so I assume it is true.
with the last patch I got both new legendarys in my second batch of 50 glory keys - which was lucky in itself, but if the chances of those were not boosted I might be the luckiest person on earth (hint: I am not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


259 Rocs (Mythic (190) + 69)
254 quasits (Mythic (190) + 64)
145 Spider Swarms (Legendary (90) + 55)

Note that I did not open any chests in the last week and a half.


The more likely scenario is that Spider Swarm was NOT immediately put in chests upon 1.0.9’s release. Whether due to error or intentionally is unimportant.

Most active users would’ve opened several if not thousands of Gold chests first day of release, so this is where the number could’ve been likely skewed. If anyone’s able to confirm getting Spider Swarm first day of release however, then I will stick to my previous point of RNG.


It was in the chests from the start.


got more spiders than the other 2