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The one thing I want I can't get

So I have one base common troop left at Legendary: Quasit. I have 98 of the creeps. I’ve had 98 for at least the last 100-150 gold chests opened. I can’t get any dang Quasits!!! I’m starting to worry that the horde of them sticking around in my collection will start pandemonium (ok, not so great joke there). So what about the rest of you? Have you had a troop (regardless of base rarity) that just stubbornly refused to come out of chests when they were on the verge of ascending to Mythic? Which troop suddenly became a rare find for you?

Spider Swarm. It is 50 from mythic, yet I have every common at mythic.

I am also having trouble getting the last Faunessa I need for mythic.

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Over 1,000 of all Major traitstones. :frowning:

I wonder if 2.0 will address that… xD

Not even 100 of all majors, but I completely understand your problem.
Some days net me more majors than minors.

I see this all the time. What are these problems?

  • Too hard to get common mythics
  • Too many major traitstones
  • The 2 second cast animation takes too long
  • The 2 second click spam with all the screens at the end of a battle takes too long
  • Nothing to spend gems on
  • Nothing to spend traitstones on
  • Nothing to spend souls on
  • Maps are still “useless”

Those aren’t all my problems personally, but those are several that exist for people.


Any legendary card :frowning:

I consider maw as currently the best troop. And it’s 1 of 4 troops I’m still missing (even though I have 11 mythic troops, two of them are mythic ex legendarys)
Other then that I also have overflowing majors, and missing minors (well only red minor but still).

You are so lucky! From the thousands of chests I’ve opened, I’ve only gotten 47 of the little devils!

This guy right here. Im telling you. I also have the problem with Thrall, and quasit though hehe.

I really would love another chest that could be opened during event weeks that has commons and rares from that particular event city :wink:

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Lucky. I am level 104 and only own four of them…

You think that is bad, i think tyri/dokkalfar lost me 5 trait stones from the draft.

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You chose them, not the other way around. .


I chose them because they are awesome for what they do. I made the cases for both of them as how they are good at least twice but the more i bring up how good they are and how superior my team is i lose by an even bigger margin. i went from 1:3 to 1:5 in the process of giving detailed info about my traits, how they functioned together, the synergy, everything. Guess having respawnable giant spiders is not enough even though the damage from dokkalfar is meh at high level. I chose tyri specifically cause building around her is easy and support for her was plentiful. Goblin shaman and hobgoblin were there for support and target damage with the ability to play safely. I lost goblin who was going to round out my team comp so that tyri could reload my entire team so after losing that i still wanted giant spider for its possible superior mana generation vs slime who was already taken. So i chose giant surrogate spider (dokkalfar) which also netted me another team bonus. I intended to tank with hobgoblin and lay down as much damage until dokkalfar was ready to fire off which could happen sooner rather than later. I even pretended that i lost troops i was aiming for to throw people off the trail that i wanted goblin. i even tried to obtain goblin king before settling for dokkalfar. Either way you split it i aimed for a troop that was already chosen. (goblin, giant spider.)

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I wonder if we can’t keep the Forum Fantasy stuff contained to the hundreds of topics already devoted to it.


You cannot contain the awesomeness for the fantasy series.


32 event keys to get abhorath and got nothing. So yeah I wish the results were different xD

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… Love :disappointed:

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Here, have some love.