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Mythic drop rate from LT?

Now that we know that it takes 100 VIP keys or 1000 gem keys on average to get a Mythic, what are the chances of LTs to drop a Myth or a Legendary?
Like every 100 LTs for the former and 30 LTs for the latter. Does someone know/have estimated those numbers?
My guild is doing 30 LTs a week, btw.

It’s somewhere between 0.hahaha% and 0.soverylow% per legendary task.


I believe it’s 1 in 200. Legendary drop rate for LTs is supposedly 1 in 20.

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Apparently one in two hundred from the last guy I know that looked at the tables (0.5%). Legendaries are apparently 9.5%.

(For those wondering, no reward that has been given will be have the same reward drop from another table in the same task and Table 3 is rolled first, which is why mythic/legendary overall drop chance is the same as their numbers on Table 3.)


I thought it was between 0.lolsuckers% and 0.hahayouwish%?

our guild did an average from at least 15 LT each week and we pulled 1 mythic , if i’m not wrong that’s a droprate from 0.125 % :frowning:

Here are the drop rates in our guild before 3.1:
Capture 1

and after 3.1:
Capture 2

A few less legendaries. The drop rate of mythics seems more or less unchanged.


We received scorp and famine so far this week from LT’s

Rub it in, why dontcha?


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Wow, that’s nice stats!

It doesn’t hurt that we are doing 60 plus LTs weekly. Kinda increases the odds