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Is it possible to acquire spider swarm as a troop?

I’ve opened hundreds of normal chests, but I’ve yet to get it to drop. Am I simply unlucky? BTW I’m on ps4 and have most troops save for a few event troops I’ve missed and some legendary troops.

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I think it’s not in the chests yet on consoles… (it is for the PC/iOS version)

@nex @Mr.Strange could advise?

I thought spider swarm was a special ability only creature sort of like goblin summon and not an actual troop card

If you “show all” in the troop list with Zul’kari selected you will be able to tell.

Correction. The answer is yes it is possible. You just have bad luck with commons apparently.

Not wholly true, consoles in fact do not have Spider Swarm in chests at the moment.
This’ll likely be changed/fixed later on, when is unknown.

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the Spider swarm was about the 10th troop I have unlocked…I have yet to get any legendaries though…My best find was a GreenSeer from My first gem key

Did you get it on consoles?

Yes I play on ps4

I am going to say no it isn’t on Consoles and anyone who DID get it was during a “leak” (sometimes Troops get put into chests by accident, like Summer Imp and Sylvasi).

I am basing this on the fact I have opened over 1,000 Gold chests since the update and have gotten 70+ of every Common and not a single Spider Swarm.


no way its supposed to drop but since i know a guy with summer imp I wont disbelieve.

Finally got around to checking this.

Spider Swarm has been in chests on console since 3/14. So yes, people should be getting it.

Way! It’s supposed to drop! (Only from gold chests/keys, obviously)

Really? I’ve opened a huge amount of keys and have yet to obtain it. Shouldn’t be overly difficult, as it is a common rarity card.

Similar to @TaliaParks, I’d think it would’ve shown up by now. I’ve been able to see it as a troop when using the “Show All” filter, but that’s it.

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At this rate I’ll have every Troop at Mythic and 0 Spider Swarms :smiley:

Even though I’m a collector (like to have everything in a game) I can live without Spider Swarm. I won’t be using it in any capacity, not even in Arena.

I would say though @Mr.Strange, it’s very odd I haven’t gotten it yet. Maybe it “slipped out” of chests like some other Troops “slip in”?


what is he the rarest common for some reason, Ive gottem dozens maybe hundreds of all other commons since.

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I’ve also opened
1000+ gold chests on XB1 and haven’t found a copy. Statistically, very unlikely.


oh where -oh where did my little spider swarms go? oh where could they be?

It is now! You should see them in-game from here on out.

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Just pulled one!


good kitty.