'Speed' stat to determine which team goes first

I had an idea today of adding a ‘speed’ stat to each card to determine which team goes first. You could either calculate the total teams speed or just the card in first position to determine who goes first (highest speed). This would allow defense teams to have a fair fight. It could also potentially change the meta depending on how it was implemented and add an extra layer of strategy.

I’m already mad at how many pvp matches I lose before I’ve even taken my first turn, I don’t want to lose more matches like that. I don’t think this would matter in any format besides pvp.

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Allowing the AI to have a chance to go first with all these new Empowered troops would be horrible :-1:


I’m pretty sure even the devs have admitted the game’s design so heavily favors the person who goes first this could end up a nightmare.

Maybe if carefully balanced, it could end up that there are some “nobody can beat this speed” teams that have no offense, but I think it’d more likely lead us right back to a land where there’s one superior meta offense team and one superior meta defense team, and trying to use a different team for either just makes you slower.

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Well actually I was thinking it would be more tailored toward GW so that your defense teams could stand a chance. I feel if it got implemented correctly then top-tier cheap teams (moon rabbit/rope dart/qilin/divine ish) could get penalized with a slower speed. Idk, just a thought to balance things. Probably one of those things that would be too difficult to implement fairly, I’ll admit.

Worst idea ever.

Let’s forget this was even suggested. I can’t imagine how poorly it would be implemented if they even attempted it.

/topic closed!


Puzzle Quest had this feature, enemy often went first. Those PQ 1-on-1 battles were super different though from the modern chaos of Gems of EmpoWARed (ok that does not look as clever now that I typed it out but too late, I’m committed!)

I know it’s not the best suggestion, but just so you know it is possible to express your opinion without being a dick and actually using reasons rooted in logic (like everyone else did) instead of just dismissing an idea with a completely useless narcissistic comment that adds nothing to the discussion. Thanks :kissing_heart:

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I like the idea of it being GW only, maybe.

The main problem is it’s a symmetric change, as proposed. If you try to counter a strong defensive team by slowing it, that team will also be worse on offense. GoW doesn’t yet have the kind of depth where good defensive teams are significantly different from good offensive teams. The good defensive teams are good because they kill your important troops faster than you can kill theirs. That’s also a good offense!

  1. You have lost 0 matches before your first turn.

I think a charitable reading would be “anytime my first move can’t overcome a bad board setup” which then allows Rope Dart or the like to go nuts.

This isn’t a suggestion. This is madness.

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You must be new to the game.

“Well actually I was thinking it would be more tailored toward GW so that your defense teams could stand a chance.”

And wanted it implemented for Guild Wars.

It’s the worst suggestion ever.

yea… no thanks on GW addage lol… bracket 1 can be hard enough as is without the opponent going first. not to mention guild wars is more than just winning its about scoring points and learning how to get the highest amount of points possible.


Somebody said that Puzzle Quest has this feature? So something the the developers of this game have implemented previously in a game is a terrible idea and your opinion matters because of… well, how many successful games have you developed? I have no more interest in communicating with an ignorant troll that’s probably still a teenager. Your entire history of comments is littered with obvious attempts to incite conflict.

You really must be compensating for something so I’m sorry for whatever it is that’s making you feel incomplete in life that you feel the need to belittle others. However, this time, your half-baked opinion holds absolutely no weight and I could care less about it. Everyone else that has commented with concrete logic stating their reasons have my respect, but a “this is what you said”, “this is dumb” argument is literally just childish banter.

Hint for future reference: You know your comment is useless when you can completely delete it from a discussion and it doesn’t change the discussion.

Absolutely, we agree on that, that’s why I added that cheap teams would get penalized in a way that they would be virtually guaranteed to go 2nd. However, after reading the other comments on this thread I see it would be too difficult to implement this fairly and wouldn’t change much. It was just a quick thought.

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