Community Guidelines


Community Guidelines

(Alternatively titled, how to not be hated by your guildies, other players and the devs.)

Recently there has been a rise in inappropriate behaviour in our community, mostly occurring in global chat. So we are all on the same page, I’ve put together a list of guidelines to make sure that we all understand what is and isn’t acceptable within our community. Please be aware that we may add things to this list as needed.

No hate speech

You’d think this was self evident but you’d be surprised. This means no racist, homophobic or sexist slurs are acceptable at any time.


At no point is it ever okay to threaten another member of the community with physical or sexual violence.


Just don’t.

NSFW content

That’s what your Tumblr or downloads folder is for. Not the forums.


Don’t be that guy. Please don’t go out of your way to deliberately provoke, attack or insult other members of the community. Everybody has a different opinion and is allowed to express said opinion, so if someone doesn’t agree with you that’s fine. If you would like to ask them to clarify or challenge their points, do so in a constructive way to further the conversation.

Meme bombing threads comes under this section. We at Gems of War love a good meme, memes are one of the best things to come out of the internet, but keep the memes where they are appropriate. The occasional meme is encouraged, but not when a thread is overflowing with them and they are used to ridicule others. Use your common sense.

If you still feel the need to troll I am happy to help you find 4chan.

Illegal activities

We really don’t need to know that you don’t pay for content you enjoy or any substances you might consume.

Be patient with new players

We were all new once, and not everyone has the time to go through hundreds of threads to find an answer to a specific question. We want to provide a warm, welcoming community for the lovely noobs joining us.

Personal Information

If you post any personal information on the forums it will be censored from your posts by one of our moderators. This is for your own protection.

No Posting PM’s or Support Responses without Permission

PMs (Private Messages)… that’s obvious. If you Privately Message someone you may have an obvious expectation of privacy, and not want messages aired on the general forum. Regarding support responses, we’ve found that these sometimes get misquoted or misrepresented to stir up forum drama. We can’t stress enough that if you have a problem with a support response, please respond to support and ask for your issue to be elevated - it will get dealt with in a far more timely manner!

Don’t Hijack Other Guilds’ Recruitment Threads

Any posts in a Guild Recruitment thread trying to advertise a different guild will be removed. Classy people have their own recruitment thread! Also, please don’t jump into other guild threads to tell them how much they suck… it really only tells people how much YOU suck…

This also includes flagging a recruitment thread until it closes.

No Leaving the Game Threads

There has been a huge increase in the amount of these recently, and we feel that they do not further the conversation. (Especially because most of the people making them come back!) Any leaving the game threads will be deleted from here on out. If you are leaving the game (which is fine!) please contact your friends and guildies privately with ways to interact with you outside of the game and/or forums.

We would also encourage you to contact us with the reasons you are leaving the game if you feel particularly strongly about it.

No Callouts

Any posts that try to name-and-shame other players will be removed. If you have a problem with something or someone, please contact support and let them know.

No Spamming

Links to related pages are fine and we have an “off topic” category if you want to discuss anything not related to Gems of War, but please don’t use the forum to simply promote things (I’m looking at you, spambots!). Anyone who signs up only to post spam will be instantly banned.

Off Topic/Thread Derailing

We understand that sometimes you gotta make a joke or reply with an anecdote, that’s fine. However, if you derail a thread or stray so far off topic that the original post is no longer in sight, it’s no good. Make a new thread, take it to PMs or even in-game global chat, please.

No Unnecessary Flagging

Please do not flag unnecessarily in order to get threads closed. If a user is found to be doing so they will be issued a warning. If a user flags posts which do not violate community guidelines just because they disagree with them, they will also receive a warning. If this behaviour persists the offending user will receive a preliminary ban.

No Unrelated Site Links in Signatures

We’re happy for you to link to sites related to our games, or your personal website/blogs in your signatures. But any links to unrelated sites that are effectively advertising will not be tolerated and will result in a warning or a ban (if you are a new user).

No Selling Accounts/Guilds

Like pretty much every online game, we don’t support the private sale of accounts or guilds between players. So, in the spirit of that, any advertising of accounts of guilds for sale will be removed.


Keep the Gems of War spoilers in the spoilers thread. Also, don’t spoil things in general if they are newly released. If you really feel the need to discuss spoilers make sure to state that they will be discussed in your post and then take the steps to obscure the relevant content.

No Game of Thrones Spoilers

Don’t do it. Ever. We will go all Red Wedding on you and your in-game waifu.

Commenting on People’s Appearance

It makes people uncomfortable and unless there is a valid reason to be discussing it, it is also completely unecessary. If you are found to be needlessly discussing someone’s looks, whether it be positive or negative, you will be issued a warning.

What are the consequences of breaking a rule?

Global Chat

  • A first time offence will see 24 hour chat ban unless the behaviour exhibited by the player in question was extreme.

  • A second time offence will incur a 48 hour chat ban.

  • A third time offence will incur a week long chat ban.

  • If you commit a fourth offence you will be chat banned forever.


  • If you are seen making a post that breaks one of these rules the post in question will be removed. You will then be contacted by a member of our team to explain why this has happened.

  • If you persist in breaking the rules and prove that you can’t behave like a decent human being you will be banned.

Reporting incidents

If you see inappropriate behaviour on the forums or in global chat the best thing to do is take screenshots and report the culprit. You can send these reports in through support which can be found here or contact @Saltypatra via PM. Whatever you feel more comfortable doing.

TLDR; don’t be a douche.

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On the forums, there is an icon to flag posts for moderators’ attention under every post. Is this an acceptable reporting alternative?


You are always welcome to flag posts, but moderators do receive a huge amount of flags a day. If the behaviour is particularly bad I would recommend contacting us directly.


@Saltypatra please can you be more explicit above that swearing and offensive language is against the rules (it was, in the old FAQ that people didn’t read). My kids read these forums over my shoulder and I’m sure we have plenty of parents in that position.


I’ve seen plenty of swearing on this forum and it’s never been an issue to my knowledge. I was unaware it was even against the rules. If you really want to enforce that I would suggest just implementing a filter that auto detects it.

As for “illegal activities” that’s also a tough one. What’s legal in some places is not legal in others. How will the mods know where we are located to determine if said activity is legal or not? Or are we all expected to know the laws of Australia?


You mean you DON’T?! O.o

In all seriousness, I think it’s a general comment to cover the most obvious ones. Drugs, illegal downloading, etc.


There are places where most drugs are legal. Where I live recreational marijuana is legal (at least state wide, federally not - but there are countries that have it legal as well).


Let’s go with no talk of illegal downloading, drugs or violence. I think that covers things nicely.


I so, so wish it was as simple as ‘if you have to ask then don’t say/do it’. If only everyone was that thoughtful.


If only. The mental gymnastics that people attempt to defend these things are absurd. At one point the other night, people were arguing that because a word was not filtered in game chat, that any use of it was completely acceptable regardless of context.


I get the point but in the age of political correctness and outrage culture, you can not be sure what is deemed ok to say/do anymore.


Is there a way that these guidelines could be published or publicized in game, especially on console? I think the lack of any visible guidelines and the fact that devs are never present in Global Chat on console contributes to the anything goes mentality that seems to be prevalent most of the time. Having a persistent announcement that tells people where to find the rules whenever they open global chat (similar to the guild announcements that we can set-up) could be helpful in promoting some self-moderation.


@Stan maybe they could just implement the Xbox version of chat where most words are baned, and a single baned word completely censors your entire typed paragraph. /s

In all seriousness.

  1. Yes, I agree. It would be beneficial to have any Dev presence on both console platforms.
  2. I don’t pay that much attention to chat in the X1, but I does not seem that its that out of control whenever I look.


I don’t pay much attention to chat either, but when graphic descriptions of sex acts are flashing across the top of my map screen as I go to collect tribute, it’s not exactly something I can ignore. Most of the time, it is not what I would describe as “out of control”. I don’t mind some goofing around, some mild double-entendre, bad jokes, or what-have-you, but I have seen some things that are way over the line.

Does the x-box filter stop clever workarounds like spelling out o f f e n s i v e words with spaces in between? Because the winners on PS4 have clearly discovered which words they need to spell out with spaces or other substitutions.

  1. I can’t believe it, but it “appears” the players on XBL are slightly better behaved in chat on Gems? Crazy!
  2. One GREAT feature that is probably massively helping civility in game chat on Xbox One is its completely beyond broken. Basically you can not stay in a channel for any significant amount of time with out forcefully being kicked to another channel.


Lol we all know that you (as do I) love a good bad joke😝


Hello, I would like to apply for position of forum moderator. I can donate some 5 hours or so per week for this task. Is there position vacant for this ? I have moderated game forums Kingdom Age, Clash of Clans, and Age of Conan. Pls let me know earliest convenience.


This troll is still not banned? Good job devs. Good job.


I ask legitimate question and you call troll ? For what specific reason ? I offer my rare time and service to help community and again you say troll. Including other posts. I think you bitter and sad for say this.