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Special highlighting in timeline and/or highlighting of poster for official responses

Just wondering if it’s at all possible to have a special highlighting for devs responses, either marked in the timeline bar (with a colour code or similar mark), and/or an easily visible highlighting of the poster if they are a dev giving a response of some kind.

Reason being, sometimes topics get a bit heated and off topic and it would be easier/quicker to see the official information from devs, rather than having to scroll through all the responses.

Sometimes I just don’t want to read through all the arguing and debating and/or inappropriate responses.

You know, for the tl;dr crowd.

If it’s not possible, no worries. Just a thought. :grin:

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We will discuss this. (Sometimes we just wanna interact like normal forumers, and doing this would mean having our posts highlighted all the time.)


In the same vein, in the option of each topic, I wish we could have a setting to get a mail for dev’s responses only, but I thought this kind of request would need to be adressed to the guys at Discourse.

For instance, it would be very usefull to track official answers in the sneak peek posts where everyone asks a thousand questions, make as much theories, but you only want to read the answers !

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Or active the background color for moderators’s posts… like most of other forums…