Next Dev post button/link

A request for the forums more than the game, this is a feature I really got used to in the Firefall forums. Devs had identifying marks (a red 5 in their case, due to the company name) and we kind of have that now with titles but since people can set their own it doesn’t pop like a unique logo or Blizzard’s blue posts. But there was also a unique ‘next dev post’ button that linked to the next dev post in the thread, regardless of who said dev was.

I’ve been trying to keep up with the guildwars previews but they, understandably, have been generating a whole lot of posts. The ability to easily navigate between these threads isn’t too bad since it’s almost all Sirrian, but if multiple devs are in the conversation it can be harder to sift.


This would be nice. In the meantime, check these out:

Alpheon, GoldPheonix0, Lila36, Saltypatra, Sirrian

Nimhain, Sirrian, Andrew

Also for a list of Devs and what they do check out my Directory here:


Much obliged. It’s scattershot across all topics but it’s a useful stopgap.

there is 100% chance that a Developer titled person is a developer, so you dont need to worry or suspect, why?

the ppl who can get a title must submit a request for a title, then - if approved - the title is manually set by a developer. obviously a developer will never set a fake developer title for a non-developer forum user :slight_smile:

The point being that the existence of a title in and of itself isn’t evidence they are a Dev. The idea here is ease of visual scanning in a busy thread not positive identification, we already have that.