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Start tagging devs in posts that are IMPORTANT to the community

I Propose that we start tagging the devs in every issue we deem IMPORTANT for the community…Like the Gems Nerf…Making Treasure Hunt , Arena, SoulForge, Dungeons and the like more viable and replayable…they have shown us they’re beginning not to care about OUR opinions now [though we’re the ones keeping them supplied with an income] without us…Gems of War and the Mother company shrivel and die. The reason I say tag them on everything important to us…they have shown they will consistently and frequently ignore Us…the voice of the Community and Gems of War…Tag so they CAN’T completely ignore up…they get notifications like we do…so if they see 50 or 100 notifications pop up daily or twice daily…they’ll start listening…when I first started here…they answered almost everything…they would even address small issues…like when they increased the rewards on tasks after they nerfed the amount of tasks you can do daily…and Messing with our gems is a HUGELY more important issue which they ignore…and Yes I am quite aware they gave “some” of the gems back…that’s not enough…it’s still LESS than the normal amount…just because we get more gold…gold and gems have vastly different uses…nerfing one because of the other is completely moronic…it’s like taking away mythics because we get so many ner commons and rares…( Hypothetically speaking)…So start tagging consistently so they STOP ignoring us. and I( am not talking about weekends because anyone with common sense know they’re taking a needed weekend off…that’s not the issue.

@Sirrian , @Nimhain


I’d just like to point out that tagging Sirrian and Nimhain will very likely get you no answer. The more appropriate people to ping these days is myself and @Ozball.

We do read the threads on these forums and pass everything on. I think we have proven that we listen to our community time and again, especially regarding troops and changes. Please be aware that there are many parties involved in the decision making process when we make updates and changes to the game, and that we do take community feedback into account.


Sure, because being tagged on hundreds of threads isn’t going to swamp them to the point where they aren’t getting anything done. I can’t even find the time to read half the stuff I want to on the forums as it is. I can’t fathom how much stuff the devs already have to read. I think they already get tagged on way more posts than they reasonably should be.


The point I am making is BIG issues like nerfing our ingame income is a much bigger deal than nerfing troops like justice and bone dragon for examples…And Yes…and the listening to the community USED TO BE amazing. this was my favorite forum to explore. but now…the big issues go ignored…I don’t know what happened but if it went back to the way it was…the developers wouldn’t hear a single negative thing from me again…the first time I spoke out against the unneeded changes was the nerf of the daily tasks…and I was here a long time before that…taking away gameplay options had always been a hot button issue for me…Why take away things…and leave them gone when the ENTIRE community thinks it’s a pile of BS?..I am not saying I don’t enjoy this game, I do…it’s My favorite game that I own…but taking things away from us is putting Infinity Plus 2 on the same level as WB games, E.A, and Bungie…“If you want Nice stuff, BUY it”…Come on…like 590 gems a month was hurting your bottom line…AT ALL…and honestly the nerf not hurting your early level players at all…BUT the V.I.P players are getting royally screwed. I am V.I.P level 8…and there’s MANY of us that bought V.I.P…and a lot of those are V.I.P level 10 or above. Is this what Infinity Plus 2 does to people that’s spent HUNDREDS of dollars on Gems of War?..and this is simply one issue of many.

I am not bashing the staff in any way…but the devs that report to the higher ups…need to show how serious this issue is to their bosses and changes need to be made…If the fans didn’t love this game…no one would complain…this isn’t Just me talking…there’s many Many posts about the nerfs.

Just treat the community like you did less than a year ago…and everything would be MUCH smoother for the devs and the players.

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They just need to reply to the the serious issues first you know the ones a “Major portion of the community agree on” and there’d be no issues like this.

Not sure exactly why you think this would be useful. Would you rather the devs spend their time in the forums, or actually working on the issues you deem important to the community?

It seems to me that the community is having a hard time adjusting to the idea that the game is a lot bigger than it used to be, and the devs have lot more things to do than they used to. Face it - you may know and chat with everybody in Podunk, Iowa, but you’re never going to chat with everybody in New York City.

Give them a break. They don’t need this kind of harassment, and that’s exactly what it is.


Everyone thinks their issues are serious and deserve special consideration. It would be awesome if there was a way to count every dev tag across these forums to prove to you how ridiculous it is to expect answers to every thing they have to deal with and still get their job done.

Ever think their lack of response on some things is their response? Why take the time to formulate a response that people aren’t going to like and just demand additional responses?

Just because some or even many people don’t like certain changes doesn’t mean it’s not in the best interest of the game in the long run. Nearly every major change that I’ve seen people get up at arms over on these forums has eventually been accepted by players overall. I’m sure some players leave after each one, but I’m also certain more join up and even more keep right on plugging away like they were before the changes.

And the recent gems changes will be just like every other change. After a few hundred disgruntled players leave because they feel they’re can’t achieve the ridiculous rewards they’ve been used to for so long, thousands more players will join the game to take their places and be happy with what gems they get. And the greater majority of us will keep playing like we always did because we enjoy the game.

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A lot of very good points have been raised here.

The reality is, I do reply to a lot of questions! The times I don’t is either because I don’t know, or I need to clarify something before I post about it.

As said above, the forums have grown, as has interactions across all of our social platforms. As the community/social media manager/human I have to reply to questions and queries across our social platforms as well as Steam, while at the same time answering reviews. And this isn’t even all of my job description, that’s just the start of it! So it is only natural that not every single comment or post can be replied too. Also, sometimes I do reply to things, and no one is happy with the answer. And this is okay! I don’t expect everyone to be happy when I deliver news, but it seems that unless it is the news some players want to hear, they ignore the fact that I have come and explained the reasoning behind a decision to them.

We added more gems back into Guild Tasks after the huge community movement in the wake of 3.1. If there hadn’t been such a strong, visceral reaction they likely would not have been added back in. We cannot always make things the way they were, or completely change something the way the community wants, but every step of the way we try our best to meet halfway.


Two Things:

  1. “Give them a break.”- 100% agree, the game has grown exponentially and they have needed to pull back from forums in order to keep up the pace of new content distribution, and… stuff. (I am not so much tech savvy!) And they were vocal and clear about the pull back.

  2. The remainder of your comment however, whether intended or not, implies that @WishKiller is engaging in harassment and there is nothing wrong with his post. He was civil and clear and is merely expressing his dissatisfaction with current state of dev communication and response via these forums. Let’s not throw shade where none is present, please. :innocent:


I was not referring to @WishKiller’s post as harassment, but in my opinion constant pinging of the devs as he suggested would be. My apologies if I was not clear.

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I don’t understand how you can say that when they literally made a post addressing the changes and reverting some of them very quickly after it happened due to community outcry. That shows they are listening and trying to find a compromise.

If they feel something is the right decision, and we feel it’s dead wrong, they try to meet in the middle. If it isn’t enough, they give it time and then address it again. They don’t ignore the community. This is the best development team in regards to that.

They have proven this time and time again over the past year and a half that I’ve been involved with this game.