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Dev's can we pay to change guild name

Hey Devs can we pay or have a one time guild name change? Maybe your in a giving mood, if so can u please change our guild name from Intrim to GOW ELITES?

Thank you very much,

BlackRhino Intrim Guild Master

So what do u think

Have you tried checking with Support to see if they can change it?

I know a few guilds have had name changes, but I don’t know how they were done.

It’s unlikely that you’ll post will get seen by the right people in a timely manner in Feature Requests.

It would be nice if the Guild Masters could just change the guild name for Gems.

@Sirrian can help you out. They are rolling updates, so it may take some time to get to your request.

Thanks guys I really appreciate it

Hey guys how do you get the words under your Nmae here? I wish to add something under mine

You need to reach regular poster status.

What’s that Asha?


Interesting lol

It’s easy to get if you’re somewhat active on here

To be honest, Intrim (I assume it a derivation of interim?) sounds more interesting as a guild name than GOW ELITES does, but it’s your guild… Do as you please.

Thanks for your thoughts