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Notification when Dev are in global

So often it happen i miss when a dev is online,cause i am playing and not reading global, it would be nice to see a notification similar as when someone ascend a mythic

It could be a special color

“Kafka is in the house” or anything else :slight_smile:


On ps4, their posts show up in a different color and their accounts are marked as “dev” . So, I’ll often see a dev post pop up and it will grab my attention, then I’ll jump into chat to see if anything interesting is happening.

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that make sense for some reason i don’t see every msg all the time cause im busy playing , maybe include a special sound? :slight_smile:

I don’t know. I find even just having the chat messages pop up on my map screen to be really annoying (and often I play with the sound off).

Knowing that they’ll be in there once in a while, I’ll just open chat for a second or two and quickly look for a dev account when I’m playing in the evenings, but I’m not sure how much more they can do.


I think they like being invisible, so people don’t know to act like a dev is watching.


And to take that a step further, perhaps they don’t always want to be hounded with questions the second they log in…

Kafka is more cool then that she like to chat

Yeah I like to be a sneaky chat ninja! We do tend to get jumped on with questions, which is fine, but sometimes we just want to relax with you all and hang out. :slight_smile:


Ooohh! @Saltypatra is on! I have some questions and some awesome ideas you guys should implement! Where to start…


I just want to hang out with you guys too!
Maybe just notify the players you really like…



Maybe if they wanna chat or are answer questions they can put something similar to the little exclamation that tells us servers are experiencing downgraded performance? Even when i notice pink flashing on the map screen i don’t assume it’s a dev because some people use that color (and others) in global quite frequently. I’m happy the devs are secretly monitoring global because it’s kind of a dumpster fire more often than not. People couldn’t even be respectful when they knew a dev was present. I can see how new players could be turned off by it.

My Global chat only speaks Italian. It’s a local global chat.